Bedwetting help - how to help my son become dry at night

Hi there - my son Joe is 8 and has been T1 since he was 1. He is still in pull ups and desperate to get out of them now but we just can’t seem to do it. He has no awareness at night when he goes and his pull up is full every morning, even though he goes to the loo at bedtime, we restrict his drinks etc and we now lift him when we go to bed (he can’t go and his pull up is usually dry then). Of course if he goes high, he’ll wee and also if he’s low, we give him glucotabs and then water to clean his mouth… I’d be so grateful to understand how anyone else has got round this problem. I wondered about the bedwetting alarms but he’s so immune to alarms generally, being on a pump and wearing Dexcom.

Thank you :slight_smile: Pippa

Hi @pippapen welcome to TypeOneNation. It’s my opinion that this is a young boy issue and not a diabetes issue. My son required patience and time. What does his pediatrician say about this?

Thanks Joe - we haven’t really bought it up as an issue but will do when we next see him. I just don’t know if it’s a diabetes issue or not… What did you do specifically to help your son get out of pull ups? How old is he? thanks for replying

@pippapen Well he’s 10 now but we had a longer issue in the past in the overnight, oh and he isn’t T1. I just minimized the issue and he slept in trainer pants and I had a plastic undersheet and it went away, eventually.

Hi @pippapen. A while back there was a post titled “CGM alarm doesn’t wake my son.” Since you referred to different alarms you might read through that post - as I recall some people found solutions they didn’t sleep through. I’ve also heard that allergies to dairy and perhaps gluten could cause bed wetting. Wishing you the best.

Hi Dorie, thank you, i’ll check that out

Here’s a link - CGM alarm doesn't wake my son - #3 by clbj - Technology & Management - JDRF TypeOneNation Community Forum

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My 12 year old son had no issues with bed wetting until he was diagnosed a year ago. It is a very frustrating issue for him as well. Just sending you hugs and letting you know I understand the frustration.

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Hi Lucy, i’m so sorry to hear that - what a shock it must have been for you all, especially him. Thinking of you and sending you hugs too… thank you for taking the time to drop me a line. Good luck with everything xxxx

Hi, newbie here.
I have boys also.
It was around 10 yo where the accidents completely stopped. I’m not really sure, because it just kind of tapered off - so by 8-10 yo it was wasn’t a regular thing, but a once in a while accident - and then one day we realized it hadn’t happened again.
I was super worried at first(when our oldest was 7 and still bed-wetting semi-regularly), and talked to our pediatrician about it. He said it wasn’t unusual, and recommended not making a big deal out of it. So we just did larger pull ups for a while(until maybe 8?), then as they got older, taught them how to strip the bed and wash their own sheets.

My child also bed wetted until he was 10 and then he just stopped one day . I don’t know
If it’s related to being a type 1 since my daughter also had the same issue and she was 12 before she stopped. I did talk to thePediatrician about it and was told some children have this issue and they gave her and it was expensive but worked. We never did that with my son but I do understand the challenge your going through. I know probably tough on him as well I remember both my kids would not stay the night with friends or do slept overs due to the embarrassment of it . There is no awareness of the problem in children you don’t hear much talk about it so I’m glad your sharing and I just wanted you to know someone else has experienced what your going through . Wish you the best !

Hi, Be loving and kind to your son. I’d ask your pediatrician for advice. It might have a genetic component. The men in my family outgrew the bedwetting when they were in the 6-8 years old range. It just stopped one day. Be patient- it helps!