Babies getting diagnosed in the future?

I wanted to know if any of you had the statistics to passing on Type 1 Diabetes to your kids.

So far, all I've been reading is how to get pregnant and make sure your kids are fine when they are born, but what is the chance of them being diagnosed with it later in life? Does it go up if the mom is Type 1? Or is it the same as being born to non-Diabetic parents?

If you can answer this question, I would appreciate links where you are referencing your information.

Thank you.

If I remember correctly, mothers with type 1 diabetes have a 3% greater chance than the general public to pass on diabetes to their children whereas fathers with type 1 have a 7% greater chance than the general (ie. non-diabetic) population. The cool thing is that now there are many studies that screen the babies of women with diabetes to determine if the particular predisposing genes were inherited (for example, my first son was negative and the 2nd one screened positive). If they do screen positive for the gene, doesn't mean that they'll get it. They are doing lots of resear to prevent the disease before it starts.

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"If your mother and father has diabetes will you get diabetes?"


"Out of 100 people with Type 1 diabetes, 80 have no family members with the disease. The remaining 20 people have at least one family member with diabetes. Although most people in the population have a 0.4 percent chance of developing Type 1 diabetes, the risk increases to about two percent if your mother has diabetes and six percent if your father or siblings have Type 1 diabetes. If your sibling with diabetes is a fraternal twin your risk increases to 11 percent and it increases to roughly 50 percent if your identical twin has diabetes."

Thank you, that's exactly what I was looking for!

I should also point out that even though what you posted says that mothers with Type 1 have a 2% chance of having a Diabetic child, and non-Diabetics have a 0.4% chance of developing it, that means that a Type 1 mother's chance of having a Diabetic child is 5 times greater than a non-Diabetic. (2%/0.4%=5)

Again, thanks!