Autoantibody positive?

Currently seeking people with 1 or more positive autoantibodies to participate in a field trial to provide quarterly testing (blood spot with a finger poke) to see if vitamin D3 optimization and also healthy levels of Omega 3/AA can prevent T1D.
Go to (link edited) for more information. This is a WIRB approved study just kicked off at the Friends For Life Conference in Orlando. You can sign up online and a test kit will be mailed to you. Only a finger poke and about a 15 minute questionnaire are required. If aab+, the testing is free. If you do not know your autoantibody status or have already been diagnosed, you can still sign up and get a test kit, but we only have funding for the aab+ people at this time. Test kits are $95 - and you can read more at, (link edited). and talk to others on the Prevent Autoimmunity FB page. The full protocol for the DRI Poseidon Trial and the D and O3 Action studies are both published online openly.

@SoniaChritton hi Sonia,

I had to edit the links you posted here and elsewhere, because the links throw errors and indicate “insecure SSL” warnings when I open them.

If the sites are insecure but legitimate, please contact the site webmaster and correct them, otherwise please do not post them here.

Perhaps you can ask our members to google search the websites you are referring to, so they can go and see for themselves.


the diabetes research (DRI) Poseidon Trial and information is in the below link, which I checked, and is secure:

Hi - I got a message saying that the message was too large, another that says you can’t have more than 2 links and then the message from you.
What needs to be done to fix it?
I told a bunch of board member friends from JDRF that I would post for them.



@SoniaChritton Sonia,

you are considered, by the computer, to be a very new member here and so you are not allowed to post more than 2 links per day because it is “spammer like activity” and is prohibited.

It would be better to describe the links, using English with limited use of acronyms, and have the users here do their very own google searches if they are interested. That way this web site won’t think you are up to no good.

Finally, the SSL warning is with the target site , not this web site. If you happen to be involved with the research. or “grassrootshealth” please ask the web site editor to review their certificates/ general SSL security.

I was just at the site and it appears this link

is a good landing page without SSL errors, or perhaps they fixed it over the last 48 hours.

you can also message me directly (use the message I sent you and hit “reply” and I can post the links for you,

Thanks. Jen can fix it - bit not sure what is wrong? I would love to tell you more about what we are doing now online and why we are now going public. Truth be told, this has been a JDRF cocktail but is now better refined, and we now have the ability to quantify.
I am copying Jen and Matt …we don’t want to limit any child here or internationally and plan to be completely open source regarding all research.


Hi Sonia,

Our site’s SSL certificates should all be up to date; I’m not seeing any issues with any of our web pages at the moment. I did notice in a previous email that one link that you had .org instead of .net - it should be While the .org should be forwarding properly to the corresponding .net page, perhaps that is why someone got the “website insecure” notice?

Hopefully you have everything figured out and working properly now? Please let me know if I need to have our IT person look into anything further.



Joe, Your site is blocking my direct communications with you. Please see below. I am just trying to figure out if all of our links are working so families can benefit from enrolling if this is their choice.

The web site appears to be working fine. I made the mistake of putting it down as a .org vs. a .net.
We are still enrolling in the study, and you can find it here:

It will also direct you to our prevention web site and FB page which is Prevent Autoimmunity.