Attention Minimed 522 -Problems with air bubbles in the tubing

We recently acquired a minimed paradigm 522 pump for my 7 y/o son. It has been two days since his official hook up and I noticed the air bubbles in the tubing. I called tech support and was advised to replace his infusion set at once. Does anyone had the same problem? Does this happen a lot?  Thanks in advance.

I have never had air bubbles in my 722, but I have noticed that if the tubing is bent at a hard angle it gets white spots that look like bubbles.  Freaked me out the first time I noticed it.  Spent quite a while trying to get them out.  Did you figure out where the air leak came from?

Hi Aaron,

I noticed that white bent mark too with quite a few air bubbles. Tech support said that it could be from disconnecting it while he take showers and also from being out in the sun for a while.  I tried wasting some of the insulin out just to get rid of the bubles but there were some pinhead size in the reservoir too, so we decided to just change the infusion set. It scared me coz his BG went 254 and 280 that afternoon then went down 117 an hour after I changed it and gave him the bolus. I figured I just have to check his tubing from time to time just to make sure he gets his bolus right.

How long have you had your 722? Was there any other issues?

Hi - I have a 722 like Aaron,  but I have never had air bubbles in the tubing.  I have had the pump for 9 years and have not had an issue with it.  One trick I learned while drawing the insulin into the infusion set to reduce air bubbles in the reservor is to have the insulin bottle sitting on a flat surface (table or whatever).  Inject the air into the bottle (the air goes into the empty space immediately rather than having to travel through the insulin thus creating bubbles in the bottle), then you can tip the bottle upside down to draw the insulin into the reservor.  Keep in mind that you will most likely get an air bubble or two in the reservor but the bubble will be of the larger variety and easy to get rid of before you remove the reservor from the bottle.  I often take a pen and tap the side of the reservor to make sure all bubbles get to the top.  By having the insulin bottle on a flat surface, you are reducing the amount of smaller bubbles you otherwise would have by tipping the insulin bottle upside down when injecting the air and then drawing the insulin.   This could help with your issue if you are not doing it already.  Best of luck!

I got my pump in August of '07.  Doug's tip about pushing the air into the top of the vial before turning it over works great.  Be careful when you tip it because sometimes a large bubble stays attached to the top of the needle in the vial and you just end up sucking air back into the resevoir.  I shoot in the air, turn the vial, tap my finger on the connection and draw the insulin.  The only issues I have had are occasionally the infusion set does not inject right (probably more operator error than anything) and the clips do not stand up to anything.  Both of mine have broken.  I do love the freedom I have and I can't wait until my son is able to go to a pump.

Thanks guys. I remember having big bubbles in the vial, I did tap it but I wasn't sure if I got rid of all the bubbles at the top of the reservoir. I will be more careful next time. Other than that, my son enjoys the freedom of bolusing anytime and not having to get multiple shots.

Do you guys follow the 3 day rule of changing the infusion set? or you guys go more than that? Also, how many times do you guys check your BG a day?

Yes, I do follow the 3 day change rule.  I should say, I do now.  There were times I'd let it go to 4 days but the effectiveness of the insulin was really lower on that 4th day.  I'd be having more insulin, running high etc.  It's funny that I'd get tired of switching it out after 3 days considering I was on 4 shots a day way back when!   Needless to say, it's in your best interest to change it out.   It depends on the testing - for me, it's anywhere from 6 to 8 times a day.

Hi, my 6 year old is on the Animas so a little different.  I loved the suggestion about injecting air into when it is flat on a table, I will try that tonight.  Bubbles are definitely to be taken seriously.

In regards to the site changes.  We have to change Lucas' site every other day.  Every once in a while we go to three - but we try to avoid it as we usually experience more highs.  I also check bg 9-10 x per day.  This way if there is a problem we recognize it quick.  Two unexpplained highs and I change the site.  I would also advise to try different infusion sets if minimed has a few different kinds - they will probably send you a few different kinds to test for free.  Find one that is almost painless for him and one that does not kink.

Good luck - it took us a while actually to get things set up with the pump.  His insulin requirements seemed to change and at first we had sporadic numbers.  Have to say, it is well worth it!