Anyone inject twice daily?

anyone here inject twice daily? most friendsi know they inject more then twice + count carbs. but for me, i inject twice daily with fixed dose. and nurse don’t teach me how to do count carbs after dx. is it because i inject twice with fixed dose so i don’t need count carbs? just need to eat balance meal? im so curious, i am type 1 or 2? haha. i also have stable bg if forget to take insulin (only if i eat low carbs) pls give some info :blush:

hi @nrlxtqh, i used to inject 1x daily with a very old insulin formulation called “NPH” and regular. Then I used MDI as my control regimen, currently I use a pump.

my control was very poor on 1x injections. many low blood sugars, many high blood sugars, and I was very tired of the routine that did not work the way I lived my life.

how is your blood sugar? if your controls is great, and you are happy, then keep doing what you are doing.

the first rule of medicine: if what you are doing is working, then keep doing it.

if you don’t like your control… then you can join the MDI party where you inject a 24 hour insulin 1x to 2x daily, and then you have to inject at each meal for the amount of carbs you are going to eat. seems harder but it is not. (more holes, but not as hard as it sounds) this allows you to mostly eat when hungry and not on a fixed schedule.

Hi Ida @nrlxtqh,

I see that you went through a real tough time during your diagnosis and now hopefully with 2 1/2 years trying to manage diabetes you are feeling much better. As #Joe suggests, if two shots of insulin each day is working for you and if you are able to do what you want to do, stay with that.

I used two shots of NPH a day for several years after not being able to effectively manage for the first 8 years on one shot - 2 shots were OK, but didn’t fit my life. Around 1980 I changed to 4 shots MDI and my life improved wonderfully allowing me to be fully active. For the past dozen years I’ve used a pump which tends to free me from a set daily pattern.

@Joe @Dennis thanks for the respond! so far im doing ok with twice injetion a day and hba1c so far under 8. but i think its hard to control my bg after lunch because if i already eat more carbs for breakfast, i should eat less carbs for lunch. i can’t have dessert like ice cream at noon (if want good bg) till i take shot in the evening (for dinner) . also, i dont do corrections if i high bcs i dont have rapid acting insulin right? i don’t know, the nurse just told me to drink water if im high. :sweat:

@nrlxtqh, hi!

we don’t know what you are taking so it is hard to guess…if I had a guess I think you are taking 30/70 which is a mix of medium and fast acting insulin.

this is a discussion you have to have with your doctor. I have been taking insulin since 1979 so I am very comfortable with using insulin and making my own decisions. If you are not comfortable you will need the help of a doctor or nurse. I hope you have available help in Malaysia.

using 30/70 it is difficult to do a correction shot. it would be better to do a correction with “regular” or lispro analog. I urge you to talk to your doctor.

When I am high and want to bring my sugar down, a little exercise such as a walk is very helpful as well. Since you probably have medium insulin from your morning shot, a walk prior to lunch or right after could allow you to eat more carbs at lunch if that is your decision. if you just want to bring down a high blood sugar - the water + walk might be something you can experiment with in the meantime.

if you can, buy the book “Think like a Pancreas” which is very helpful in understanding what/how/why for insulin. good luck!

@Joe yes im using insulin 30/70 :grin:. i think i should talk to the doctor about this. bcause i hate taking my lunch when I’m high. it’s hard to enjoy my food.
btw, thanks for the advice. and i will take a look at the book and learn from it. :innocent:

I started out right away with MDI when diagnosed with t1d in November. I use Humolog and Lantus. Maybe your doctor has a reason for the 30/70 ?
Definitely talk to your care team.
I also have the book “Think like a Pancreas” . It discusses the pros and cons of the different insulin regimens