Anyone ever say anything rude about diabetes?

My cheerleading team and I have been raising money this week for JDRF because the walk is on Saturday.  Well the principal at my school okayed it two weeks ago but didn't bother to mention to us that the moms of the autistic children at the school were going to be trying to raise money too.  Although my team and I have been getting positive feedback from kids from my school I had a couple of boys come up to me telling me that I was being selfish for trying to "out-do" the autistic donating table and that I need to stop my donating.  I just looked at the boys dumbfounded.  I myself gave the autistic moms $5 for they're donating and they gave me a few dollars also.  Its not a competition, we are both trying to raise money for good  causes and I am definitely trying not to "out-do" them.  They also told me that diabetes isn't anything compared to being autistic and that I need to stop feeling sorry for myself.  People just dont understand sometimes.  I cried.  Not because I was upset with them but because I was so angry that they just don't get it and they have no right of accusing me of anything.  They don't know me.

Hey Andia.

OK, my sister has Autisum and I have Type 1. And let me tell you, they are equally as hard to deal with. And the only people who's feelings you should worry about is the parents rasing money. If they're okay with it then you're all set. You're right, they don't know you, or do they even have an inkling of how different Diabetes is from Autisum and thus they don't know how similar they are. I hope everything goes well. I am touched to know that people are raising money for Autisum and very thankful that you're respecting that. Kids will be kids, and boys will be boys. If they bring it up again you could say "You could go ask the parents if they have a problem with it" I don't know if that'll help or not though...


Oops I spelled you're name wrong, sorry!