Any way to prevent complications?

Has anyone tried any medicine or supplement or food item to prevent diabetes complications without having to keep your blood sugars normal?
I also have learned that only 50% of diabetic people develop complications, the other 50% do not. Why is that?

Also, I was so sick with throat pain, runny nose, cough and headache the last two days. I noticed during that time that my toes was not aching nor burning at all. Now I am recovering and the pain is coming back. Why did the pain disappeared when I was sick?

no - no majic bullet that I have heard of except controlling BS.

I am also not sure about that statistic of 50/50%.

I don’t know about stoping complications but how I found out I had type 1 was my vision went bad and depending apon where my sugars are that day will depend on how well I see. Plus last year I was told i had glaucoma

If you eat low carb your blood sugar will naturally be lower and you’ll take less insulin, so your likelihood of making a dosing error will be less.

If you take an ACE inhibitor blood pressure medicine it can prevent kidney damage. If you get annual eye exams it can detect and correct retinopathy.

Having decent blood sugars is good, but it’s not the whole story. Researchers think there’s something that protects some people from complications and through research studies like the Joslin 50 Year Medalist Study they’re trying to understand why some people, even those who lived with diabetes decades before glucose meters and modern insulins, don’t have complications.

50% isn’t an accurate statistic for diabetic related complications. Google type 1 diabetic complication rates for specific complications and see what you get. Also, the most common complication diabetics have is heart disease. Not quite as gory as the others, but way more likely.