Anxious about getting pregnant

Hi everyone! 

I am both excited and nervous about starting to try for a baby. I was planning to have children sometime, but I just recently found out that I have Endometriosis (hope I spelled that right).  Now being a mother is one of my top priorities.  Can anyone give me advice about the best way to approach this?  My Endocrinologist and Gynecologist say that I need to get pregnant as soon as possible. What were your blood sugars when you started trying, or what was your A1C?  I want to make sure that I do this in a way that will increase my baby's chances of being healthy.

Hey! Have you started trying yet? I think different doctors have different advice about when it's safe to start. I've heard anywhere from in the 5's to under 7 a1c for the last 3 months to start trying. Under 6.5 seems to be the most common answer. Did your endo think your a1c was okay to start? Do you have any T1 complications that could interfere with a healthy pregnancy?

Have you seen a high-risk OB (MFM/maternal fetal medicine or perinatologist)? I'd set up a consultation in advance with one to help get your questions answered.

Personally, I don't remember my exact a1c when I started trying, but I think it was 6.3. During pregnancy, I was 5.4 - 5.9.