Animas Ping Pump Clips

I was wondering if anyone who is on the Animas Ping pump has a problem with the clips breaking often. I started on my pump in October 2009, which included a free clip with the start-up kit. But since then I have been through at least 5 clips!! I am not rough on my pump and typically wear it on the pocket of my pants. I am wondering if I need to move the location of where I wear it or if the clips are just made poorly. The screw comes loose on it and there is no way to fix it. Not only that but they are 19.95 a piece not including 5 bucks for shipping, I was just curious if it was me or if others have had this issue as well.




I wish I could say, but I lost mine after the first few months and I'm too cheap to pay $25 for a stupid clip!

Thanks for replying. What do you just stick it in your pocket then? They are way overpriced and then you include the supplies! It all adds up quick.

Hi jenna,

I broke my first clip after about a month of having my new Animas Ping pump, they are poorly designed. I tried to fix it but it is not possible as it is not attached with a screw, instead it is attached with a rivet so no screwdriver would fit. My Animas representative for my area sent me a new clip after I broke the first one so fast and this one has held up but is getting a little loose. I clip my pump to my belt/pocket/pants and don't think  that is the issue.

yea I just stick it in my pocket. or if I don't have a pocket, like when I'm wearing a dress I have to put it in my bra or wear shorts under my dress. at night I use a baby sock and safety pin the pump to my pants.

Jenna,  I'm on my 2nd clip over a two year period.  I get that it is frustrating when it breaks.  Now I keep a back up on hand (I think my current one is going to break anytime now).  But I say to myself that Animas's core business of making life saving medical equipment, not making clips.  So I'm glad they have the pump thing down better than they do the clip thing.


For the first time in x years my pump clip died on me. It is the weirdest thing. Like you guys I am to cheap to replace it at least right now. But hey it happens. My first clip though, lasted longer than the pump did, so I mean in the end, i am fine with a dead clip. Just need to be creative with my pockets and what to do when I sleep, since when sleepy Brian wakes up to sometimes use the bathroom, he does not immediately remember to put his pump in his pocket or pick it up when he leaves his bed.

I was having the same problem with my sons Animas Ping Pump clip, went through about 5 of them, they would break about every 4 months, we just did a trial for them for a new plastic clip they are coming out with, it works great!!!!! Hopefully they will be replacing the old ones soon!! Hang in there!!

I'm on my third Animas pump clip, too, but that's because I lost one. :)  The original one did break, though. Wish they sold them in bulk, at a lower price...