Anger with Highs and/or Lows

Has anyone else experienced anger and out-of-control fits with young children when they are experiencing either highs or extreme fluctuations (like highs that drop really low within an hour, for example BG at 257 and dropping to 52 within an hour for no reason during honeymoon).  My 5 year old son, got extremely angry and then started throwing anything he could get his hands on, and we had no clue what was going on, so with checking his blood sugar, that is what we found.  He had exercised about an hour prior as well.  He was diagnosed 6 months ago and has been very acceptable to everything until recently.  He recently is refusing to get tested and take his shots.  It is a fight that never happened before.  Any advice?

I have just noticed that lately on my boys as well.  It has been just over a year since dx and for about a week or so they can just get awful.  If they start to throw a fit for no reason I know it is probably a good time to test.  Most of the time I am right.  I dont know if you have talked about the pump yet but my 4 1/2 year old has been on the Omnipod for about 6 months now and he couldnt be happier.  Thank goodness there are some other kids out there that act like this I thought my two were the only ones....


Mood shifts often happen with dramatic fluctuations in blood sugar. We've found it very challenging at times to "reason" with our daughter during these episodes and it makes it hard to treat a really bad high or low. It's pretty normal to experience this and you'll probably run across alot of blog postings online from people with type-1 who can give you a first hand account of what it's like. The net takeaway- they're not themselves. they don't mean to be hateful. they feel guilty afterward. So don't take any attacks on you personally. Try to stay calm throughout. It's hard, but you can all get through it together.

The same thing happens from time to time with my 10 year old son. When he is very high he becomes agrumentative, extremely angry and uncontrollable. I try to have him check his BG at the first sign of moodiness, however I don't always catch it first. I have learned to be very patient and calm during the "fits" and once he has checked and corrected he quickly will settle down. Afterwards he is always very aplogetic and says he doesn't know why he acted the way he did. So you are not alone with this :)

I notice this when Courtney has low blood sugars, not so much highs. It is like a switch is flipped and the monster comes out. when this happens I know it is time to check her blood sugar. i think this is very normal when there are dramatic changes in blood sugar levels.

my 8 year old gets really angry when she is low and grumpy when she is high.  I don't even want to know what it is going to be like when she is a teenager!  Honestly, I don't deal with it very well and my husband usually handles it when he is home.  I am a type I too and part of it is because I feel really guilty when she is low or high and I get upset inside and try to hide it and then when she has her outbursts, it is really difficult for me.AND forget about it when I am low too at the same time she is!!!  that is really hard! 

As an adult, I get a little bit grumpy and agigitated.  Actually, I have always caught my lows and usually catch them from when I start noticing the littlest things are irritating me.  It feels terrible to be low- worst than feeling high.


madison is like a monkey on steroids when her sugar is high she gets louder and can be very aggressive  towards other kids too. I try to be patient and remind myself it is not her doing this however we had a high while out shopping one day and someone told me to quiet her down I started crying . Madison was diagnosed last nov at first she was very complaicant with the whole thing but we went thru a stage were she rebeled about 6 months later and we are just coming out of it. She is 4 and can put up a hell of a fight . It will get easier remember his whole world has changed and he is probably pissed about it some rebellion should be considered healthy