Amniocentesis today

I will be 38 wks tomorrow and have an amniocentesis scheduled for today.  Last one was a week ago Weds and he wasn't ready yet.  Personally, I felt that it seemed like he was WAY behind as far as lung development.  I am hoping that by some miracle he will be ready today and we can get him out of there.  We don't make great room mates these days- I can't breath, can't sleep, sick to my stomach all the time, dizzy like I'm going to pass it. I never had that with our first.

Hoping to have to make the decision to induce or c-section.  Our first son was vaginal and a piece of cake BUT we didn't induce, he came naturally (the morning we went in for the c-section we found out I was in labor LOL).  I wish that would happen today.  Any suggestions?  What would you choose?  I just want to be in and out of the hospital.  In the end, I will probably check myself out anyway. 

Wish me luck!

If they'll let you... try induction.    If that isn't an option - well, C-section it is.   Good luck.   Hoping his lungs are fully functioning today and today is the day!    (Which happens to be the day I said it would be.... I think I also said he'd be 8lbs 9oz, right? ;-).     Good luck!!

Oh how I wish you were right in your prediction.  Sadly, his lungs STILL aren't ready.  At this rate of change he won't be ready until nearly 42 wks.  Hopefully I am wrong in assuming that this is a steady rate and that it actually starts going up exponentially.  I am still holding onto 8 lbs 9 oz though! :)

I was going to be induced but had a csection...I wasn't ripe enough at 37 weeks...her lungs were developed though...did they talk to you about a sterioid to help develop the lungs?  They had told us that if her lungs weren't ready that they would be doing that...even though the csection was rough it was healthier for her to come so that made the decision easier...I am glad that I didn't go through a long unsuccessful labor and then end in a her shoulders were measuring too big and they didn't want her to get stuck.  when they pulled her from my tummy the doctor said, "oh I am so glad that we chose this route Nicole".