Am I Doing Something Wrong?

I checked my blood sugar today and it was 202. I took 4 units of Humalog and went back to bed happily, thinking that my blood sugar would be in the normal range when I awoke and tested again. Well, the opposite happened: it rose to 233! I mean, I didn’t eat anything nor did I have any water. I was completely baffled and I wanted to cry. I also didn’t get up to use the bathroom. Do you think that’s why my blood sugar rose despite me taking my insulin? I care about myself and I’m trying so hard. I’ve been through two Humalog pens and it hasn’t even been a month yet! I’m on my third Humalog pen and I’m just trying not to go crazy, but I just don’t know. My elder expressed her concerns when she saw how much insulin I’ve been taking, but I just want my numbers to be normal but I’m stressed and I’m trying not to lose my sanity. On average, I test around ten times (or even more) and I barely get any rest. I’m tired, confused, and stressed to the point where I’m starting to develop headaches. Please help.

I know what your going through. I feel the same way. If you ever need help with anything then I will be happy to chat with you. I’m on humalog also. Just a suggestion you might want to drink water since it’s summer and getting hot. If you wanna chat just inbox me and I will chat with you.

Yes dear, I hers you, I’ve been there many times. It may sound ridiculous but I’m telling you to relax, take a breath. And DO drink plenty of water - water somehow will keep your blood sugar ,ore level. Just because you use a lot of insulin doesn’t mean you are “BAD” or doing something wrong, your body must just need that much insulin; when I was younger, I used almost 100 units every day, now I use about 21 units.

You did the right thing talking a small amount of Humalog during the night and there are many reasons your blood sugar could rise the way it did - with time you may know why. There is a thing called “dawn phenomenon” where come morning your blood sugar naturally rises when you get up and move about - I can test at 6: 30 AM at 100 and then later at about 8:30 when I have breakfast and my test will be 140-160. Also female hormones cause a natural increase in blood sugar levels at different times of your cycle.

You are trying and that is the big thing, you are thinking and asking questions. You still have much to learn so keep asking - on Monday I swing into my 60th year using insulin and I’m still learning. The thing is, on some days I tell my wife that I’ve FINALLY got this insulin thing right, and low and behold a few days later my blood sugar readings go out of wack - so I start again.

Living with diabetes can be heartbreaking and frustrating - but I try to LIVE every day to its fullest; I invite you to celebrate yourself. Message me when you have questions.

Going on 25 years sometimes there is no rhyme or reason. I recently when on a pump and I am having to learn things all over again. There are so many factors that can effect your blood sugar. What was your blood sugar prior to the 202? Was that after eating dinner? If so what did you have for dinner. For example if you had eaten a large amount of protein anything over 8 oz typically eventually you will metabolize the protein and it will convert to sugar which will cause your blood sugar to rise slightly. If you had something with a higher fat content that will cause higher insulin resistance. You might of not needed the extra insulin and you blood sugar dropped and you had a rebound. There are a lot of factors and you will learn all of these as time goes on. You are doing the best thing. Checking often and asking questions. Also another thing to consider if you ever have a low you can have a rebound. Let alone the fact when your blood sugar drops you want to eat everything in sight. Even if you eat the 15 or 30 grams of carbs to raise your blood sugar and not over eat. Later you will have a spike due to your body eventually releasing glucagon among other hormones. If you haven’t done so you might want to do a few night of over night blood sugar testing. It sucks I know but set an alarm every 2 hour and see what your blood sugar is doing. Feel free to message me if you have any more questions.