Advice for running in races

Hi - I have recently started training for a 10k in October.  I used to run a lot of races in college but that was before I had my pump and CGM.  Does anyone have any advice on what a good BG is before starting the race?  Also any thoughts on temp rates during and after to keep from going low?  I also don't want to be high for my race since that's not good for energy levels either.  Appreciate any advice.

When I run, I usually try to stay between 140-190.  This is an "island of stability" for me.  Anything lower than this while I am running, I just drop and keep dropping precipitously.  Anything higher and I just go higher.  When I am done running I do bolus to bring me down.  Its strange and kinda cool.

If you have not trained seriously recently, your sugar will drop fast and often.  Just test a lot, carry a bunch to eat (tabs, gels), record and learn.  You may need to turn down basals/reduce boluses, etc.  Try new things and see if they work--if they do, keep them in your system.  That's my best advice.

This is something I posted during the fall last year:

"My most important tips for running with T1 are: have your test kit with you at all times (get some shorts with pockets or some sort of belt system if necessary), carry a bunch of sugar with you, test at least every half hour (or less, if you are more comfortable), exercise with someone or tell someone that you are exercising and make sure they know what to do in an emergency, and carry a phone + med alert information.

 "My system is (just a personal experience):

"I run 6 days a week, 6 to 12 miles a day.  I run during the afternoon (2:45-5 pm).  At lunch (12:30) I bolus 1/2 my insulin.  I check my sugar at 1:45 and then again at 2:40, this establishes a pattern so I know if I need something to eat or not.  I am usually between 180 - 230 just before running  I turn my pump down to 0% basal rate.  I test every 25 minutes and eat glucose tabs if I am dropping.  When I am done running I bolus for the tabs I ate while running and 1/3 of my basal I missed.  I am usually around 160 mg/dl at 5:45 when I eat dinner, but drop slowly until bed time.  I also check my sugar at 2:30 am every night so I can catch my lows. 

"This system is not perfect and there are days when my control is way off.  I make sure to have my test kit, 3 glucose tab tubes of 10 tabs each and two frostings for emergencies with me at all times.

"I did not get this system to a degree of control I like until I ran every day for about 7 months, by then my body had adjusted and was somewhat predictable."

***Get the book, DIabetic Athlete's Handbook, by Sheri Colberg.  Read it****

Now I bike competitively and don't run so much anymore, but my system is pretty similar.

Thanks for the response.  My body has definitely not adjusted yet to running regularly, and the race I'm running is in only 2 months, so hopefully I can figure out a system.  Part of my problem has been that I run in the morning after waking up, so I'm not aware of what my blood sugar is doing the few hours before going.  I have been using a pattern on my pump that gives me less insulin the hour before waking.  I also have a continuous glucose monitor so I'm able to bring that with me and always know what my blood sugar is.  I usually wear a waterbottle belt that has a pouch where I keep glucose gel.  I think the part I haven't been too good at yet is bolusing when I get back from the run, because I have been tending to run high at that time.  I'll have to try your advice above and see how that works for me.  Thanks again.