7 yr old son diagoned T1D

Dear All,
4 days ago , my son has been diagonised with T1D and we’re still in hospital. His sugar level are fluctuating a lot , say in morning -273, then in noon - 374, night -473.
Then again drops to 300 level and had not decreased since then. Always reading is between 300-400 range. And sometimes reaches 470 level.
Doctor says it’s normal in T1D and since he is recently diagonised , so will take time to stabilise as he can’t give high dose of insulin to drop sugar.
For doctor , he’s just another Patient , but for me it’s my life.
Any one kindly advise. I’m totally clueless.

I am sorry to hear of your sons’s diagnosis. My 6 year old daughter was diagnosed 1 week ago. It certainly is a roller coaster ride. I thought her numbers would never come down, but we experienced her first low of 62 today and I can tell you that was so scary too. How are your sons ketones? Out of curiosity, what led to your son’s diagnosis? Was he having symptoms?

Thanks for concern and sorry to hear about your daughter. He was regularly losing weight past 15 days and feeling very thirsty and tired.
His keytones were 160 at the time he was admitted. However yesterday as per reports , keytones were in control and today his reading of blood sugar was 128 after fasting , but he was complaint severe headache when he woke up and vomited too.

Sounds like your son was in DKA! so that makes the doctor correct and yes is does take time to get your sugars down. Honestly, mine were so high after whilst in hospital, i had lost 13kg of weight and my hair was all brittle and falling out, i was so far into DKA. they will come down, i reassure you! mine tooke around 2 weeks to become ‘in range’ , i’m always here to talk, as I do have type 1 i understand :sparkles: you’ll be okay x

You should have an Endocrinologist that works with children. Seems to me after 4 days the child should be getting close to normal ranges. The lows are scary, and this doc seems timid due to that possibility, but continuous glucose monitoring shout prevent a hypoglycemic reation, esp. in a hospital.

Good news: Medtronic just received approval by FDA to sell the first commercial Artificial Pancreas. They will roll out in the Spring. Will make tremendous difference in your child’s life. Look for the AP heading under Groups for discussions.

My 6 year old was dx 1.5 months back…trust me it will get better…its takes time but definitely they will stabilize…which hospital are you at…mine was at wakemed and they really did a good job…contact me any time for any help and also this is a very supportive group…also remember you are not alone and lot of families have been dealing with this from quite some time and you will figure out ways to manage it better for your son.

Just curious as to how you are managing diabetes at school? Does your child have snack time at school and if so what kind of things do you send? How often does your child get their blood sugar tested while at school? Is your child using a pump on multiple injections?

Today is 5th day of his hospitalisation, when he was admitted , he was having acute problem in breathing and had to be shifted to ventilators for 36 hrs and his breathing normalised.
Right now his sugar level is sub 400 level.
He has not gone to school since past week, so no idea , how to deal with it in school. However , we had already informed school administration and still thinking , how to work on his insulin and other aspects, while he is in school.
On the dietary side, will soon share the recommendations of dietitians for everyone’s suggestion and advise.

My son is admitted in Apollo hospital , New Delhi, India.

In mornings son is complaining severe headache , yesterday also and now today as well after he wakes up.
This pain , based on experience we had yesterday , subsides automatically in next 1-2 hrs. And during this interval , he feels bit sleepy.
Any one had experienced same pls.?

You waited way, way too long to get him evaluated, or you have an incompetent doctor. This is the first I have heard of a child having problem breathing. If you are using same doctor and he is the one who let it get this far, you need a better doctor. Actually, the best is one who specializes in pediatric diabetes care.

As far as school, my parents spoke at beginning of school year with my teacher (up to about 6th grade), giving her a sheet with symptoms of low blood sugar, high blood sugar, and what to do about it, how to contact my parents and doctor. They were told I would miss school at times due to problems related to diabetes control. That was long ago, before modern day with no insulin pumps, thick re-usable steel needles, glass syringes, only urine testing for glucose levels, etc. Today it is way easier to control, with pumps, blood checking, and next Spring an artificial pancreas.


He is on insulin shots only…havent moved to pump yet…At the school, the school nurse gives the shot after lunch and for snack i send carrots and cream cheese/peanut butter, low carb(4gm carb) tortillas with peanut butter/ fresh veggies sauteed in oil and herbs, greek yogurt, low carb veggie patties(homemade) etc.


I also believe you should get a second opinion. Usually by 5th day you should see improvement. Again every child is different, but what i have learnt in this little time with T1D is the kids become warriors and they can fight with it. He will be better soon.

Hi Waddganj,
Finally, today we see improvement and sugar levels are in range of 225-280.
We are getting him discharge today and will seek 2nd opinion for sure. Thanks !

Glad to know. Wish you Good Luck