40 year old needs a dis-buddy

I have had diabetes for almost 30 years and are generally well controlled. Though I do go through times of late night lows. I have been with my partner for almost 3 years, living together for almost 2 years.
He is supportive generally but at other times not so. If I have a low blood sugar he asks me what I haven’t eaten or I am not eating enough and makes me feel bad. Tonight he just rolled his eyes at me. I said to him that he is not allowed to make me feel bad about my diabetes.
As we know controlling diabetes isn’t a science.

@applec hi Charlotte,

sounds like you need to re-evaluate your long acting insulin shot, or if you pump, your overnight basal rates.

Even our partners will not fully understand the things and the way we feel. I do not depend on other people’s understanding of diabetes for my happiness, because I generally like to be happy.

Welcome to TypeOneNation, you are among friends that understand.

Thanks Joe.
I am quite brittle and often have no obvious patterns. I also have very different carb ratio requirements in the morning to the evening. I wonder if others have this?

Hi Charlotte @applec, A Warm Welcome to TypeOneNation! As a new member, I hope you find this site helpful and informative; you are welcome to jump in and offer your two cents worth. With your 30 years experience I would bet that you can suggest may tips to the “newbies” and help some people avoid pitfalls.

As @Joe said [paraphrased], we can not depend on someone else, a partner, to fully understand what we are experiencing, but I expect a caring person would jump in and ask “how” or “what” can I do. I’ve been married to the same woman for over a half century - had T1 10 years before we met - and although she certainly knows what I need, she will always ask, such as ""shall I bring the glass of juice to you or can you get it yourself?.

Although I’m almost double your age, I certainly will be your buddy - and many others members her would enjoy talking with you. You can also find people with diabetes [PWD] in your area by exploring JDRF events. Click on the “Events” Tab at the top of this page and then select “JDRF Near You”. I’ve found wonderful, understanding and helpful folks at JDRF meetings and events.

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Yes absolutely. I need almost 40% more insulin in the morning for the same carbs. I also tend to need basal adjustments when the weather changes.

Wearing a CGM may be helpful.

Good luck!

Thanks Dennis. Unfortunately I am all the way in New Zealand and jdrf does not exist here. There are very few events or community unfortunately.
So these forums are really important for me

Hi there! I’m 37 and have had type 1 for a little over 30 years myself. I had T1 prior to being married as well (obviously) but like you, my husband doesn’t get it, although I’d say about half the time he’ll help me if my numbers get too low. He usually complains if he gets woken up in the middle of the night if I have a low that I’m able to treat myself. (Never mind how I’m feeling after it - coming back from some of my nighttime lows can be rough!). Luckily I don’t get them too often, but obviously you can only do so much…anyway, you are welcome to reach out to me if you’d like, if you ever want to chat. :slight_smile:



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I was married almost 30 years when I got diagnosed. About the only advice I have had to give to my wife is to not perch on the couch and stare at me like I’m about to sprout wings or something, just because my CGM alerts start sounding.
I’m still me. Perfectly capable of getting off the couch, or out of bed, to go get some juice.
These days, she just rabbit kicks me to get outta bed and “SHUT THAT DAMN THING UP”

Truth be told, I prefer it that way.

Now, I just need to remind occasionally that she doesn’t need to come to my defense when she is within earshot of some non-diabetic telling me how to manage my condition.

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Hello Rachael what you wrote . . . It is like you are me!!
Could we chat off this forum?? I think we could be great buddies!!
Search for me on Facebook Charlotte Cottrell in NEw Zealand- I think I am the only one!