3 days to inset change or longer?

Just wondering how many pump users go past the recommended “3 days per set change” rule? When I first began using a pump two years ago, I stuck to the 3 day recommendation, but lately I have gone over when there is insulin left in my cartridge. I have noticed no ill effects.

I try to go 4 days unless I start to feel pain

I go longer too. I’m on OmniPod which beeps at me to change the set after three days, but it gives you an extra 1/2 day before it stops working, and usually I let it go to the full 3 1/2 days.

I used to go 4 days with no issues, but my endo recently told me to stay with 3 days because apparently insulin can start crystallizing a bit if you go to 4 days. So realistically I’m now around 3-1/2 days…figured I’d split the difference with him. : )

I just started on the pump back in February. I wish I could go longer, but my sites start to feel irritated after only 2 days, so by the third they have to come out.

I used to go 4 with most sets - my practice is to use all the insulin I put into the reservoir. Lately I’ve been running between 3 and 3.5 depending on my activity schedule where I run my pump at 30 or 40%.

CDC says to avoid infection, change every 2 days; Medicare will only provide enough sets for a change every 3 days, go figure. I haven’t had any infection problems even when I’ve filled the reservoir to capacity and kept a set in place for 5 days when traveling.

As @angievan said, insulin can crystalize after a few days - this happens with Humalog but it doesn’t appear to happen with Novolog. Unless you have reasons to go longer, I’d stick with 3 and no more than 4 days.

For about 7 years I’ve been changing it when I run out of insulin (usually 4-5 days) and haven’t had any problems.

I’m with @smat1234 on this one. I checked my history last night actually, because this is one of the things I’m having to consider about which new pump to go with.

I’ve used a Paradigm 722 since around 2008 or 2009, and another Minimed before that one. I hate changing out the pump in general, so less is more for me. I’ve never had an infection, and will go until I’m out of insulin most times.

According to my history on my loaner pump that I’m on now, it’s been no less than 4 days that I change it out, and often a few days more than 4. :slight_smile:

I go longer, usually 4 days, sometimes 5. I use my stomach, butt, legs, arms and sometimes my chest for sites, so each site gets plenty of time to “heal.” I’d rather leave a site in longer than waste insulin.

I fill up as much as I can and try to get the most out of it. 4 days has never given me trouble and 5 days only did once. Insurance has cut my strips and insulin, I’m just waiting for the inset cut. I can only go around my stomach and then only on my right side. Everytime I’ve used the left I seem to bang my pump and run into stuff. Never tried my leg or butt and #Diabeditor, doesn’t it hurt in the chest?

I was injecting into my stomach for 2-3 weeks right after I received my insulin pump, so back in 2002 or 2003 I think. During those 2-3 weeks I was having LOTS of issues with “No Delivery” type warnings, and high blood sugars. Having to call Medtronic and ask them what was going on, and told to change the site.

It was SUPER frustrating to me being new on a pump for the first time. FORTUNATELY, less than a month after starting on the pump, I met another Type 1 Diabetic RANDOMLY at a non-diabetic camp (college camp with other college kids).

It was my first day of the camp, and I saw her pump wire and/or she saw mine, and it was the immediate, “Hey DIABETIC FRIEND!” type reaction. I told her of the issues I was having with my injection sites and asked if she had issues, and she told me she didn’t do them in her stomach and she used her legs with no issues. I switched to my legs that week, and NEVER WENT BACK.

You should be able to find the magic spot(s) on your legs that inject without much pain (if any). But it did take me a bit of trial and error (I still HATE the initial injections). I do mine now mostly on the upper front/outside portion of leg/thigh area. Never directly on the side though, and not straight in the middle of it. I’m guessing it could vary for everybody though, as muscles and blood vessels/veins may be positioned differently.

Thanks, I gotta give that a try. My one problem is I work a physical job and am always banging different areas of my body but if it works for you I’ll give it a try today. (All ready beeping “Low Insulin Alarm

I’m with the “Until I run out of insulin, the adhesive wears down, or I start having highs I cannot bring down” camp of when to change infusion sets.

When my new pump arrives (knock on wood), should be interesting to see if my insurance gives me grief about how often I have to reorder reservoirs, infusion sets, and sensors for the CGM.

I have been using Medtronic pumps over the past 8+ years (practically since diagnosis) and typically replace my infusion set every 6-7 days (this is how long the insulin in the small reservoirs lasts me). Very rarely, I’d start getting highs for no good reason, which immediately suggests a clogged set – in those cases I’d change it sooner (4-5 days).

Yes, I used to go about 4 days before changing the infusion set out. But, a doctor told me that there is a reason for changing that set out every 3 days - about the third day, the cells around the canula get fatigued, used, or damaged and if you go longer, you could get an infection or high BG’s. I change out every 3 days now, because also I have noticed my skin has some dense spots on it. Every 3 days should be the norm. As far as insulin left in the reservoir, if there is alot of insulin left over, you might try putting that insulin into a new reservoir. Granted, a doctor also told me that since I use Humalog, it’s best to keep it in a refrigerator to keep it’s potency, but having it in a pump raises that temp. to body temp for 3 days and you could lose some potency. Thats why putting the insulin you have left in your old reservoir could be a problem with potency when you put that insulin in the new reservoir. I’m just saying you could, you might or might not, but I’m not one to mess with my body any more than I have to! 3 days should be your norm and you shouldn’t have any problems!