2010 Olympics

Hope everyone is enjoying the Olympics so far. I know I love watching them and cheering for my country.

Just thought I'd share something,



Kris Freeman is a cross-country-skier for the United States and also has Type 1 Diabetes. He competes today in about an hour. Reading that article is a great inspiration to me and hopefully to any of you that read it.

Hope you guys enjoy the article!!

Love the Olympics, and Kris.  I've been following him for a long time.

kris is AWESOME!! When my daughter saw him she was so excited knowing that he had Type 1 and was still what he loved!! I told her " See, diabetes won't stop you from doing ANYTHING you want!".....She even went to school and told her friends all about him. You would have thought she knew him personally the way she was talking LOL...Its nice though when younger kids with T1 can see the older generations and be so inspired by them!! We will continue to watch his progress at the Olympics. No matter where he places, he will always be a God Medalist to us!!

Does anyone know which specific event he skiis?  I know there's a 15k, 30k, etc... I want to make sure to watch whichever one he's competing in.  Thanks!

Nevermind... I just answered my own question...  15km individual.  :)

So, what happened? How did he do?

Looks like he placed 59th out of 95 competitors.


yeah he went to the same diabetes camp as me :)

Kris Freeman has four more event, I'm rooting for him/

I was watching the 15k race he was in and getting nervous waiting for him to cross the finish line, I was afraid he passed out. haha