Why is everyone leaving juvenation?! first i lose my closest friend on juvenation.. the girl who changed my life and was straight up amazing and now i meet another girl who is like my little sister that i dont have and she informs me she is leaving juvenation  :( this all stinks. Why is everyone leaving?!

the people leaving are the ones who either aren't getting anything from the site or have started to not take care of themselves as much as they were before and recognize they need to step-back and get on track with their REAL life/health instead of sitting on the site all day and night.

we shouldn't be complaining about people leaving, we should be congratulating them on being ABLE to leave in order to take care of themselves better, and congratulating them on being able to realize they need to take that step. doesn't mean they won't come back

(the only reason i'm on here during the day is cuz it gives me a mind break from work haha i swear im not addicted)

thats true batts but im really sad. and haha im not addicted or am i? haha

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thats true batts but im really sad. and haha im not addicted or am i? haha


if your health, your real life/social life, schoolwork, etc are not effected because you are instead spending that time online..then no, you're not really addicted to the internet..not in a way that is a concern at least anyways.


verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry true!

Batts on some level you are very right. I am very much trying to back out of here a little, earlier in the semester I was spending way to much time on here, not getting enough sleep or anything else. So I decided to make an effort to back out. It is sad when people leave, but again as Batts said it could be a good thing for those trying to get things back on track. The good news is, many of us are still here, and hopefully we will make new friends to replace those who have moved on.


I have seen a number of new people on this site. Many adults who are new and scared. Lots of questions.

I am sorry you lost some close friends - if the one girl who changed your life online is no longer there I bet she is changing lives elsewhere. That seems to be what happens to exceptional people.

Your a treasure to this site - you bring a perspective that few others can. Don't get frustrated - you had someone here when you needed them. You can be there for the next person who will need you. You can carry on your friend by helping others. 

Well i cant think of anything to say on this forum but hello amber!!!