When to have sex during ovulation?

So, Ive never ovulated before...

And today I had a positive ovulation test, how often do you think we should be having sex? I got a positive this morning (i worked a 24 hr shift) so when I got home this morning at 6am, I made him have sex lol...


soooo do we do it again tonight? tomorrow morning? how often?


Hi Cassie, it’s usually every other day. If you know when you are going to ovulate they recommend you have sex a couple of days before ovulation because sperm can last up to five days. Which ovulation monitor are you using?


we have been having sex every other day since day 5

so days, 5,7,9, 11, 13, 15 which is today, and tonight

...today is day 15....day 13 I had two follicles each sized 17 on each side (the doctor said i could ovulate any day), and negative OPK until this morning

I am using clear blue easy- the ones with the smile or the circle...

So i got the positive at 6am, now at 8pm tonight i got a negative...did i miss my surge?! i also peed an hour and half ish before, and had a glass of water- so maybe i diluted? or maybe i shouldnt have used my first morning pee this morning (the positive test), but i was in so much pain over the night i got impatient and needed to just pee on the stick, we had sex at 6 this morning--- lol because i was excited and i made sure to wake him up, and then again at 9pm tonight...now i am freaking out thinking i missed my LH surge...

I have abdominal pain/ache, my abdomen feels hard-- maybe tender is a better word for it...groin hurts a little bit too, kind of just achey? I ve felt that since last night.

sugars dropped twice last night too, and then today twice down the the 50s. BLAHHH i just want this process over with and BFP


I think you definitely got the days covered!!! lol I used the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor and sticks, which worked like a charm for me! For the first couple of months I actually had no egg on the monitor pop up and I was really stressed about that because I thought maybe I wasn't ovulating. Before using it I didn't know when exactly I was ovulating at all. I was just using a calculator from the first day of my last period. But, some people can ovulate later or earlier than others. So that method doesnt always work. For me, I ovulated really late and I thought I was ovulating in the beginning of the month but it was at the end. Last Feb. the eggs popped up two days in a row and I made sure that we got to biz. and just like that the first time we tried we got pregnant. If you can really pinpoint your days I think that helps. My two cousins used this particular monitor and we all got pregnant right away using it. It is pricey for the strips I think like 50 bucks for a three month supply. Totally worth it though if you can afford it.

How it works is you turn it on, and pee on a stick the on the first day you get your period. You pee on the stick as many times as it tells you to do it. In the beginning you are peeing on at least 10 sticks that month sometimes less or more. It will have this little M on the bottom which means menstrual cycle. When the cycle is over you get these boxes that tell you how fertile you are, then all the way up to high peak and then an egg pops up when you are ovulating. It is so amazing how it works. So anytime you get a bar on the monitor you get to business. So then you are ready for when the egg pops up. The egg only comes up two days of the month and then goes back to high fertility and then back down to low and then thats it for the month. The monitor may still ask for strips you have to check it every morning to see what it wants you to do.

I highly recommend it!

Anyway, having said all that! I hope you are preggo!!!!! Fingers crossed for you girl!


One thing you have to remember is that sperm wont die right away. Say you guys had intercourse yesterday, but you didnt ovulate until today...There is still sperm that is alive and can get you pregnant today. Try and stay hopeful (as hard as that can be right now!) and I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

Gina- i ve seen those monitors, but i was too afraid to spend 150$ and it not work, I am thankful it worked for you!! I think we might have to try it...

Chelsea- i ve read that every where it lives 24 to 36 hours? but i was so nervous that i wanted to make sure my timing was as close as i could get it... :(

our problem was i would have multiple little follicles size 10 or less, never maturing and never ovulating...so 50mg of 5 days on clomid, I ovulated early and not quite the size...this time on 100mg of clomid i ovulated 3 days after i measured 17mm on eachside, (so the doctor is hoping i was 20 on each side)--- that was the only time i got a happy face on the ovulation stick and 12 hours later i didn't get it- i had 24 full hours of abdominal pain and cramping- which i am assuming was ovulation (never ovulated EVER so that was a new experience)...we had sex right when i had the positive, then 18 hours later, and then again 12 hours....and that was after we were already doing it every other day leading up to...my hubby was exhausted hahaha....

so on the 8th expect a happy post or an epic melt down....i guess i should just be happy the meds worked and now it all depends on timing :/


Get the monitor!! I promise it works!