When to dose with tslim

With the tslim do you enter every little snack even if it’s under 15 carbs?

hi @Newtype1 Wendy, can’t answer directly - becasue it depends.

last night my son’s soccer team sent a last minute announcement that there will be a “Parents versus kids” soccer game in place of soccer practice: instant diabetes translation: instead of sitting on bleachers, I am now going to be running up and down a soccer field - a drastic change in activity level for me.

bs was 102, but 1.5 units on board from a correction I took 2 hours ago.

I ate a 60 grams carb, fast snack, no bolus, and set basal back to 20%.

a little while after the game, blood sugar was 160, took a 2 unit correction and reset my basal to normal.

so you need to tell us if you are eating a 7 gram carb snack, and how much insulin is on board and what activity level (higher, same, lower than usual) will be happening next, because the actual answer to if you should bolus is still “maybe” :slight_smile:

if you are totally new to diabetes and pumping - do not worry. your CDE wil likely tell you that under 7 grams not to worry, but since you have a pump, you can easily bolus for 1 gram carb… if you want to and if you want to do a bolus plus correction.

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Also, if you’re not sure, you can give part of a bolus right away and part over an hour or two, or however long you feel safe with. My son is just learning to use the extended bolus feature after a year of pumping with his tSlim.