What's the call for cell phone?

I played intramural volleyball in college and one time there was this ref (also a student) who half-way through the game sudden blew his whistle and asked to the other refs around him "what's the call for cell phone?" Apparently he mistook my pump for a cell phone and thought it was illegal to play with one on. My team, who all knew I was a diabetic, stood around and stared at each other for a couple minutes trying to figure out who had a cell phone. Once we figured out that it was me the ref was referring to, we just explained and continued with the game. It was quite funny and to this day we joke about  what the call for cell phone is.

Haha, I have had a lot of people ask if my pump was a cell phone. Even though there is a tube going to my stomach. I just tell them its an advanced hearing technology not available for all models of cell phones. I had one kid going for a couple weeks or so on that.

I believe it should have been SIDE OUT for the other team...sorry.  Just kidding.....Good story.

I have had a family friend on my dad's side ask me if my pump was my cell phone. My dad told him that I was a diabetic.

I had a father at school ask me if my daughter's "cell phone" had GPS on it too.  Also had a pediatrician mistake it for a cell phone...that freaked me out a little!  glad you didn't get a penalty :)

my grandpa always calls it my beeper. He know what it does he just forgets the name. . . it's kind of cute, but you would have to know my grandpa to understand, lol.