Was told I wouldn't be able to have children due to kidneys and diabetes

a year ago, I was diagnosed with early stages of kidney failure I’ve been taking care of myself and my a1c is 6.8 but my creatinine is at 2.2. Normal range for creatinine is below 1. Last month I was told the Clinic I go to BDC, has never seen someone with this high of a creatinine and having a baby would be 95% fatal in my case.

I just need to know I’m not alone in this. Im so angry at diabetes. I’m 24, I got married four years ago and was planning on starting a family immedietly. I wanted five babies.

I’m Stage 2 myself, so I can relate to the anger you’re experiencing. The truth is that Type 1 has always been a risky prospect for having successful pregnancies. It’s better now with the control that pumps offer, but the dangers are still there. Fertility isn’t affected, but the fetus can be damaged by even mild fluctuations in BG, and let’s face it, that’s our life. If you can manage to get your A1C’s under 6.0, you might be a good candidate. A low-carb diet (<80g/day) and daily moderate exercise (even just two 15-minute walks) can really help you achieve this. Creatinine levels can fluctuate - mine has been anywhere between 0.7 and 1.1 just in the last few months, so it could very well improve in time with tighter control. Are you in a financial position to consider in vitro with a surrogate? Your eggs are probably fine, although keep in mind there is a slightly increased risk of passing along Type 1.

I’ve always known that it’s a huge risk, but it’s possible and that’s what I’ve always clinged to. You’re in stage 2 of kidney failure?
I’m on a pump and a cgm and am at a very safe range for pregnancy for my a1c. If it wasn’t for my kidneys, I’d have no problem having a baby. Kidney function can fluctuate but I’m at 30% function. There is no bringing it back to a normal rate. I eat incredibly, excercise daily, and I am hardly ever over 200 for my blood sugar. I have great control, so it isn’t a possibility. I was diagnosed twenty years ago, and during my teenage years I was in complete denial about my diabetes. I spent the last seven years working my butt off to make it better and my doctors tell me all the time, I have incredible control.

I’ve frozen my eggs, and surrogacy is our plan, but it is very expensive. So we’re working towards that goal. im just hoping to find someone out there who can understand what time going through.

I can relate, I had years of denial too during high school and college. I just wanted to be young and do the normal things that young people do, not to mention my schedule was all over the place so it was difficult to maintain any kind of control. That’s great that you have good management now, it’s never too late to start improving it. Which stage of CKD (chronic kidney disease) are you, or what is your eGFR? It’s not kidney failure until Stage 4 or so, when you start needing dialysis. If you’re Stage 3 or lower it’s just considered kidney disease - not sure if that makes you feel any better but it helps me deal with it mentally sometimes…

I assume you’ve read this in the past but just in case: https://www.kidney.org/atoz/content/pregnancy