Veast infections

I get a yeast infection nearly every month the day before I start my period or the day my period ends.

It is getting very trying. Even with tighter and tighter control I am spending SO MUCH money on this, it is getting stupid. For the longest time I had to go to the doctor and get tested with a vaginal swab every time. Each month was the exact same thing. Walk in- "I have a yeast infection." They respond "Get undressed, we'll swab you." strip, swab, dress "Looks like you have a yeast infection." I reply "Yes, I KNOW, please make the burning stop!"

So I get a prescription for 1 pill.... To which I would say (in my head). "I am here EVERY *** MONTH! WHY do you keep doing this to me??? Do you like looking at me naked? Or just ripping off my insurance?" The nurses respond that "You should eat more yogurt." to which I say. "I am VERY allergic to milk."

**sigh** Does anyone have any ideas not involving dairy on how to stop this from happening next month? I am so tiered of this infection every month that I could just loose it next time.

i have an extremely high yeast count apparently..every few months when i go to get my pap test/std/cancer tests done the results come back saying i do. it's been like that for as long as i remember actually..i've always gotten one at least every other month for the last 5years or more. it's gotten to the point where i don't go to the doctor anymore when i get the symptoms. no point, i end up just going to the store and getting a box of the cream anyways.

i can't give you any suggestions to what you should do..because mine don't burn much/i've just gotten SO used to it, i can usually ignore the itchiness. i try to eat yogurt when i think about it..but i usually forget unless im on antibotics and my mom buys me some. its too bad you can't try that solution cuz of your allergy.


but i can say you're not alone!


This is making me itchy just thinking about it!!

Do the over-the-counter treatments work for you? That way you can avoid an unnecessary trip to the doctor.

Ah, thanks and sorry Batts. Sorry for the itching Sarah!

I'm worried about using the otc and prescription treatments. I'm really worried about my meanie-yeasties building tolerance, which they seem to have.

Well I went off to the doctor anyway and shared my concerns for wanting to prevent yeast infections instead of treating them (revolutionary idea if I say so myself.) So he told me to pick up vegan Acidophilus/Probiotics that I'm missing from not having milk and missing maybe because of higher sugars (which accompanies menstruation.) We also decided to drink cranberry juice around the time of my period to raise the acidity and balance out the elevated PH content of my urine- because every time I pee with a yeast infection I itch like mad (again because the PH in my urine is too high.) We also decided to push up the vitamin C intake.

I'll have to give an update next month to let you all know about a chance for improvement.

I hope it works for you! i know they can be a pain.


I've gotten to the point where I just ignore them(haha yeah i've learnt to do that!) and just let my body deal with it on it's own. Works pretty good and i rarely have yogurt! haha. they've even gotten less annoying over the years i've found from doing this. rarely hurts when i pee and shaving has seemed to help the itchiness for the most part(tho every once in awhile..haha)

Interesting ... I should take a TON of insulin and try the cranberry juice thing. I prefer cranberry juice to yogurt anyways if it didn't screw w/ my sugars!

I've never had any luck with those one-day treatments.  My GYN doctor told me that those short treatments don't work as well on diabetic women.  He said to always use the 7 day treatments because it's a "slow and steady" treatment vs. a quick fix.  He said to even use one applicator of the 7 day tx once every week to two weeks to help maintain the yeast balance because sugar in your urine makes the yeast have a hay-day and keep flurishing. 

To everyone on this forum, I have a solution!  Yeast cannot thrive in an environment with a neutral PH.  Diabetics tend to have more acidic systems than others... I have not had a yeast infection since I learned this, about 7 years now.  Plain old baking soda is your answer.   Take 1/2 tsp of baking soda and dissolve it in a shot glass of water and drink it.   It tastes TERRIBLE the first couple of times, but you get used to it and it really helps.  You can dissolve it in a bigger glass of water if you want the taste to be more mild, however I do it in a shot glass just to get it over with faster.   EVERY time I drink wine or beer (yeasty beverages) I drink baking soda in water before bed to kill the yeast. This method has never failed me! If you already have an infection, this starts treating it from the inside, you may also want to sprinkle a little baking soda in you underwear as well...

The PH of your body is very important to over all health, so doing the baking soda in water will probably help you in other ways too.  It has certainly been helpful to me!


Vitamin C is acidic and Cranberry Juice has sugar in it!

 1. Lemon on its own = Acidic

2. Lemon + H2O = Base

3. Mineral Water = Base

4. Baking Soda + H20 = Awesome yeast infection killing base!

See my other post on this page... Every time I used to get a pap, they would find "a bit of yeast", but since I have started with the baking soda in water... nothing!  You should start with 1/2 tsp every other day until you get on track and you are not having problems anymore, then after that you can do it "as needed" or when you may have consumed something yeasty...




Kate,you may be on to something-this is worth trying.

awesome. i might have to give this a try if i remember about it when i get home..haha




omg- I tried the baking soda+ water and threw up haha! (oh by the way ladies, remember to never put baking soda directly on a yeast infection, it will actually raise the PH content in your vagina and make life worse) However drinking it should be fine if you are tougher then me (Kate, my hat's off to you)

However I killed the candida this time!! Yay! I was talking with a friend and she told me her family's secret- Garlic. and darn it, it works!

If you catch the infection about to start, simply remove the outer skin from garlic and poke one hole in it with a pin and put it up there for a night (if you are willing to smell like garlic during the day you can start right away with the treatment.) I caught and killed my starting infection in a few days. Best of all you can walk around all day smirking to yourself about what you are up to.

For more persistent infections poke more holes in the garlic each day. (super grin) and SO much cheaper then those OTC drugs.

OMG!  I am so sorry!  Honestly the first time I did it I felt like I was going to throw up, but I didn't... My doctor told me I had to keep taking it, so I eventually got used to it!  I have done the garlic as well and had success with that too.  I should have mentioned that one.  I have even had success with garlic tablets...  Thanks for the info of not to put the baking soda directly on the vag!  Wow, I am kind of a more is better person sometimes and I can see myself like trying to douche with baking soda or something... Dogged a bullet there!

yogurt contains probiotics that are very helpful. even for preventing the flu! maybe finding a replacement food to get probiotics from will help