VBAC w/ T1

I'm looking to get pregnant and I'm working on my bg's and a1c because I know how important they are prior to conceiving and all during pregnancy.  Mostly I'm wondering if anyone had a successful induction free VBAC?  I only know of one person and am hoping to avoid a scheduled c-section b/c my last one left my son in the NICU for a week and on the general ped's floor for another 2.  I'm hoping to avoid that emotional roller coaster that time through.  Another thought is, has anyone had a successful VBAC at home birth w/ T1?

Hi Michelle, VBAC's are definitely an option with type 1 - I had a c-sec in 2008 and the MFM said he'd recommend a VBAC the next time. (Haven't been pregnant since though.) However, I wouldn't personally do a home birth with type 1, and I think it would we VERY hard to find a dr who would think it's ok. Of course, you'll do your own research and make your own decisions. But your health and the baby are the most important thing, and I personally would want to make sure there was medical help if there was a problem. The good thing is that with D, you'll be highly monitored, so there might be fewer surprises (hopefully?!) with the baby. Good luck with your research! And congrats on yours plans for another little one. (:

Michelle, how's it going? I also want to VBAC the next time I get pregnant- hopefully in a few months when my A1C is better. I actually want to home birth, but I haven't talked to many people seriously about it to see if I will have the support to do it. But I at least want my A1C to be excellent so that I can have the confidence to insist that I go into labor on my own without an early induction (which to me means before 41 weeks!).

Please let me know if you are pregnant, or have had another baby yet, and your experience. I would also love an accountability partner if you are up for it! Thanks! Good luck and God bless!