University / Exercise

Hi everyone, I’ve recently joined JDRF. i am a soon to be 22 year old student in London who has a ridiculously busy university schedule with working for my student union campaigning, being elected as women’s officer, an internship job, PLUS playing for the women’s rugby team, trying to go to the gym as much as i can and running my own society. then there is all the partying and going to class and studying AND DIABETES. my control has been awful the last few ayers since being diagnosed at 17 4 years ago with readings being in the high 20’s. Finally this summer with exercising more ( I’ve taken up running… HYPOS ALL THE TIME… TIPS?) and focusing more on my diabetes they are much lower and I’m feeling much better for it, yet I’m dreading going to back to uni with doing so much, having little time and therefore disregarding my diabetes again. I just wanted to meet some fellow diabetics who go to uni and have the party life style AND/OR do a lot of exercise at a similar age as me and how they deal with it.

I’ve always felt very alone with my diabetes and have had a hard time coming to terms with it, but i want to raise money for organisations such as JDRF and diabetes UK and remind myself that diabetes is part of me and makes me a strong person and will never stop me doing whatever i want to do.

love to you all , any responses welcome in terms of age, having hard time coming to terms with diabetes, running tips, hypos and exercise, uni life etc.

Chaar. :slight_smile: