Ultra Sound risks?

So my mother in law last night asked me why it seems like I get an ultrasound every week.  She asked..."isn't that bad for the baby"?  I didn't know how to answer her.  I told her well I am considered highrisk so it's part of their pregnancy plan.  I googled it (bad idea) and they said that it can heat the womb to much and cause vibrations that can dislodge the baby especially the vaginal ones?  Uhhhh ladies can you give me an idea of how many you had throughout your pregnancy and what your doctors told you?

Thanks, Nicole

I had ultrasounds every few weeks in the beginning, and 1-2x per week towards the end of my pregnancy.  No issues and honestly I never thought twice about it.  Ultrasound uses sound waves, not radiation like x-rays.  There's no heat involved. Vaginal ultrasounds do not enter the womb and don't get anywhere near the cervix (only a small part of the probe is inside your body and only briefly) - I only had one of those kind when pregnant.  Most people can safely have intercourse and take hot baths during pregnancy, without any risk of' dislodging' or cooking the baby, so I wouldn't worry about ultrasound.  But ask your doctor if you're still worried.