Type1 for 5 years. I'm 46 years old on a medtronic 522 pump w/ CGMS

My name is Rick, I am new to this site. I have never been in total control of my diabetes but have been working hard on being more in control all the time. I feel  I am pretty well versed in the ins and outs of this disease. But at the same time I know nothing

I got  what I think is a bad bottle of Novalog and spent yesterday at well over 300 bg. I treated multiple times with very little result. This morning I opened a new bottle, refilled my pump,  created a new site. I treated the high. It's still not going down, I'm at 400 bg, I need to go to work but am nervous about it going higher. I really don't want to go to the Urgent care. This is so lame!

if it doesn't go down soon. I'll go to the Urgent care. Humph!!

Thanks for letting me vent.


Rick - I don't know how long you have been using a Medtronics pump, but I had the same kinds of things happen to me with that pump. I went as high as 600+ before I figured out the pump was defective. You may want to correct with syringes in the mean time using your resistance/tolerance levels for insulin to  bring it down. I have been T1 for 43 years and just started using a pump 18 months ago, to me it is not worth the cost of health if you have a bad pump. They sent me a refurbished one to replace the new one I am paying for, but at least it works without shutting down when it gets a bg reading from the meter. I have never had a bad bottle of insulin and have tried most every choice out there at one time or another. Good Luck!

I've had bad infusion sites, but if pump wasn't working it usually has a no delivery or some other message. Correct with a shot if blood sugar is over 300.  You may also try to eat low carb so you don't increase blood sugar anymore.  

Any chance you're getting sick or fighting an infection?  Both will cause  highs like you've described.  Stress can also do it, as well as steroids.  

Keep giving correction doses and drink lots of water.  Probably no need to go to Urgent Care unless you can't keep fluids down or are incapacitated.  They won't do anything except give intravenous insulin and fluids.  

Thanks Jenna and Jeff.

my bg finally came down just in time for dinner. Whew!

I appreciate your input. If it happens again I agree that correcting with a syringe is my best bet.

I've had a pump go bad and had to have it replaced last year. I'm excited to back to normal again. I think it may work as a wake up call for me to eat better and to get more exercise. It would be very unfortunate to become insulin resistant. Scary!