Type 1 diabetes and Pregnancy

Not planning on getting pregnant right away but would like some information from people who have been through it.  What are important things to do.. what must you do to get ready to carry a child in a healthy way and give birth?

Are there complications if you keep your sugars under tight control?  The worst would be finding out my diabetes caused something terrible in my future child!


     I have a 17 yea old daughter and have been a type 1 diabetic since before I was six.  My daughter had no problems resulting from me being diabetic.  All you really have to do is discuss with your doctor what you need to do to effefctively monitor your given situation.  My doctor at the time was specializing in diabetic pregnancies.  Most of the precautions that you would need to take should be done during any pregnancy.

It is important to keep your BG's under good control prior and during the pregnancy. In general it is advised do have an A1c below 6.5. High BG's can result in complications, according to research. Tight monitoring of your BG's is the key to a healthy pregnancy. 

I am 5 month pregnant. My BG's aren't always perfect, but I try my best to keep them under control by measuring often, using a CGM and watching what I eat. You want to avoid staying in a high range for too long. As soon as you have a high try to correct and bring down you BG. 

Good luck once you start trying.


I have had 3 children- all healthy pregnancies and just alot of monitoring- blood sugar every two hours- so i would say definitely get the CGM if you don't already have one- they didn't have it out with my kids and if it was available, I would have definitely uses it.  Had my last baby at age 36 and the dr, even encouraged me to have more after that!  Got T1 at age 17.

Went to a high risk OB- had c-sections with all three- I think you would expect that because of the last month of pregnancy the babies can get quite large in a disproportinate way (in the trunk area) that could make delivery vaginally impossible or quite dangerous- plus the effects on the baby to gain so much weight- the dr, could explain that better to you.