Traveling with freestyle libre

Has anyone gone through airport security wearing a freestyle libre? I’m going to start using one next week, but I’m also going on vacation in June and I’m wondering if I should avoid wearing the sensor during my flights. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

@bsteingard Hello,

The sensor will show up on the scatter x-ray so you have a couple choices - refuse the body scanner and request a pat-down and tell them your sensor is a medical device, or go through the scanner and then let them find it and then examine the sensor at which point you tell them it’s a medical device.

I know - the documentation suggests “no x-ray” but all of my stuff has been through the x-ray machines literally hundreds of times. I don’t have a libre but all the medtronic stuff (which says no x-ray) I put right through the x-ray.

your experience might vary - I have seen TSA with a lot of knowledge about medical devices, and I have also been pulled aside for “special” pat downs and checking.

on board the plane - the rule is no transmitters, but when I have a cgm on I never shut it off or pull the battery or try to find an airplane mode if there is one. The transmitter is weak, and the probability something would happen is zero.

have a safe and fun trip.