Travel during the first trimester?

I am currently 8 weeks pregnant and have had vacations plans for about a year. My whole family is supposed to leave on March 22nd (I will be 10 weeks and 3 days when we leave). We will be flying from Illinois to Vegas and then driving to San Diego and staying for a week.  I have been type 1 for 30 years and also have high blood pressure that is controlled with meds. I am curious if anyone had been told what to do about traveling in a similar situation. My OB won't say yes or no only that I am high risk ( which I already knew) and that there is an increased risk of miscarriage in the first trimester. This is my first pregnancy and I'm so excited, I would never want anything to happen to my baby but I also have been looking forward to this trip for a long time and everything is paid for. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated as I am struggling with this decision.

I'm not sure about your blood pressure's impact on miscarriage, but your diabetes shouldn't prevent you from traveling in the first trimester.  

I took a couple trips (in the united states) during my first trimester.  Just like with normal travel, test your blood sugar a lot since the weird schedule, travel stress and time changes can affect blood sugar.

Every diabetic pregnancy is considered high risk.  Despite that label, there's no reason you can't have a healthy, uneventful pregnancy as a mom with type 1 diabetes.  

My one word of advice: GO!

Enjoy yourself! I travelled multiple times during my first trimester for both this pregnancy and the one before it (a miscarriage). The travel is not what caused me to lose the first baby.... just misfortune I guess.  This past pregnancy went very well for the most part and I was able to go on several trips (planes & cars).

If you are feeling well this is probably one of the best times to travel. Before you get too big and too uncomfortable for it. Enjoy!

I would go.  I recently got back from Vegas and I am 10 weeks today.  I was extremely tired the whole time, but had a great trip. I tested my BG frequently and had lots of snacks on hand.

My Dr was fine with me traveling.  She suggested that I get up and walk around every hour on the plane and drink lots of water.  It was a 4 hour flight.  

I'm not sure about the high blood pressure, but being diabetic/pregnant should not stop you.

Enjoy yourself and have a good time.

I would definitely go! You should be feeling great at this point and like Rebekah and Jenna said. So take advantage of it now. I am at 33 weeks now and I dont want to do anything! Just check often and make sure to keep everything in your prescribed ranges. Have fun!

Thank you everyone for the advise. The whole thing is just so unnerving and makes you think about thigs that you never would have thought about before.

Hi Tracy, I flew at about 8 weeks and also again at 20 weeks. My doctor said that I was able to fly all the way till 32 weeks if I wanted. I don't believe it should be an issue.

Hi Tracy, I would love to hear how your experience goes w/ flying.  I have a trip planned to Ireland and France in July (when I will be about 25 weeks).  I've read on a lot of sites I should be fine, but it's always nice to hear a first encounter.  I still haven't told my Dr's yet, hopefully I'll get the green light from them!  

simply enjoy these moments,, thats all