Too much sun

Is there something I should know about a diabetic getting too much sun? Are there precautions my 14 year old (honeymoon) should take when boating with friends?

@tlj hi Tina, besides the obvious of sunscreen and a life jacket, being out on the water means having carbs around may be a trick. If it’s a bigger boat he can stow a cooler or a snack bag. If it’s a personal watercraft it could be tougher but there is always a way.

Type 1’s tend to be ginger (I know I am) so good spf sunscreen is all I do. Cheers!

Too much sun drops my blood sugar fast, I always have Glucose tabs stashed and sometimes depending what I am doing always have a soda or something. I know the sun is great but sometimes it’s a little more dangerous than a burn or heat stroke… Hope this helps. Bye jan

Hi Tina,

I drop low in the heat but only when doing strenuous activities (biking, swimming, running, yoga. etc). When I know I am going to be outside all day and in the heat I’ll start out my BS at 170 so I have a small margin for error. Hope this helps!

Thank you!:grin: That should help us.

Remember that the vast majority of people diagnosed with T1d are deficient on Vit D3 and so it is important to get tested for that. Without significant sunshine, supplementation is important. You can read many articles at (edited), and there is a protocol for free testing of D3 and Omega 3 levels at. (edited)
It is a 15 minute survey and then they mail you a kit which you can do with a finger poke. Then you may back and get results in 2 weeks. Anyone can test, bit right now we only have funding for pre-diabetics with autoantibodies.

Hi Sonia @SoniaChritton, it is true that Vitamin D3 deficiency is common on people with diabetes and we, as advised by any good endocrinologist would know, and that we should be tested.
And don’t just blame it on “lack of sunshine”; that i much an old farmer’s wife tale. I previously worked as a roofer and house painter in the sun for ten hours a day, spent days on the golf course in the sunshine and after turning 70v send six hour days riding my bike in Florida - the :Sunshine State - and the rest of the time on the beach. I’ve had more than my share of sunshine yet I need to take heavy Vitamin D3 doses two times every day.

Yes…it is very true! Our study seeks to educate pwd and aab+ and high risk about the need for supplementation in many with T1d. You can read the approved protocol at the grassroots There are over 15,000 people enrolled in the Vit D arm and you can read our protocol for testing of D3 and Omega three testing. Much of the evidence is based on epidemiology showing that kids given cod liver oil which contains both Vit D3 and DHA and EPA have a 70 percent reduction in risk. Sadly they no longer recommend. I gave my son D3 and DHA+EPA to reverse his autoantivksies. You can read Ben’s cocktail…which is really a JDRF cocktail at

Same here. The heat drops my blood sugar real fast. My doctor said that insulin is burned faster in the heat.

I think the reason is that our bodies are trying so hard to stay at a normal temp that it burns sugar in the process, takes a lot of energy to stay cool in 115 degree temp- I am in Arizona. have a great day. Bye jan

Rebecca, I think that the reverse might be true, if you get too cold (snow, ice ) that the body will work hard to keep it’s temp up and consequently burn up sugar, use sugar for energy to maintain temp. What do you think?

Thanks for the validation! Helps with planning.

Possibly. I don’t recall if it did. I’ve only been diagnosed since March 9 of this year. This is all new for me.


Bring sunscreen and protect your insulin would be my suggestions for future boating or sun excursions. Insulin’s effectiveness gets smoked in the heat. Taking a smaller amount of insulin with me or a syringe pre-filled with a days worth of insulin is a fun thing I would do so my whole vial wouldn’t get wrecked in the heat. I would also do this type of thing with my pump reservoir.

This brings up the subject of hot tubs. They can be very dangerous if you aren’t aware that they accelerate the insulin and can cause lows. As long as you are aware, no problem, but some endos fail to educate about this well known experience.

Yesterday my 2 year old was at an outside birthday party she was very active and had lots of fun but her sugar was dropping like crazy I kept feeding her little snacks but we’ve never experienced this before. now I guess I know what to expect when shes active in the sun.

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ironically my 20YO gets highs when in the heat/too much sun/exercise - she is in the small >5% group.

Im guessing here.

Insulin is supposed to be injected into subcutaneous fat, not into muscle or veins. Fat has much lower blood flow, this causes the insulin to be slowly absorbed into the body. If you were to inject human insulin, you would see it begin to peak in 1-3 hours, whereas it acts almost instantly when secreted normally by the pancreas into the blood stream.
So my theory is that heat and or exercise increase blood flow to the subcutaneous fat where insulin has been injected, making its absorbtion and effects more rapid.