Tips for new diagnosis

I am 28 years old with a New diagnosis of T1D. I am feeling very overwhelmed with the news. Browsing type one nation has been extremely helpful. Any tips on how to manage life stuff with T1D? Work? Leisure? Meal plans? Apps? Social? Any advice, tips would be fantastic.


Find a calorie counter/diary that you like for looking up carbs. Huge help until your brain grows its own library of foods.
Routines really help: routines for eating and exercise.
Make use of technology to help you find trends but don’t micromanage yourself.

Feel free to pm me if you have any questions.

Hi Trisha!

Welcome to the diabetes community! The College Diabetes Network has a ton of resources for young adults with type one, especially those in college. However, they also have advice on meal plans, drinking and diabetes, etc. Below is a link you can follow to check out their page on young adults who have recently been diagnosed. They even have a nice guide that has a lot of great management techniques and various tips. Diabetes can be overwhelming and a lot to think about, but remember that you are not alone and you have this community of people who get it!

@Trisha21 Hi Trisha

a million years ago when I was diagnosed, they told me that I had to “do the exact same things every day and eat exactly the same way every day” and I would be fine.

decades later I told a doctor that she would be fired unless we worked out a plan (insulin, meals, exercise) that fit into my life and not the other way around.

there’s a ton of stuff and a new language you have to learn so step 1 - breathe, you will get there and you’ll be an expert in the coming year.

this site is helpful but you will be your primary physician, making hourly choices based on what you are doing, how you are feeling and what you are eating. A CDE (certified diabetes educator) is probably your best resource for the first couple months, after that it’ll be mostly you.

buy “Think Like a Pancreas” the book has everything you need. Until then, eating makes you blood sugar go up, insulin and exercise makes your blood sugar go down, and your target for “perfect” is very, very small.

after you learn the daily @#^ you have to do, you will realize that it’s just a new…soon to be regular routine, and that you can have your life, the way you live and want it to be… with a lot of extra poking and testing and awareness. if you learn how to use insulin, there isn’t anything forbidden you can’t eat.

I also live and work and play and eat and drink and have a family and a couple friends and got married a couple of times… :grinning:

please tell us how you are doing

Thank you all so much for all your kind words and suggestions. I am feeling really good since the initial Dx. I still feel my time is pretty consumed with research, meal planning and timing. My sugar readings have been pretty low the past 4 days with at least one reading under 70 each day, so I of course contacted my Dr. I have yet to skew away from my home cooked carb counted meals. I have been using the myfitness app to track all of my food and assist with monitoring carbs. I am defiantly trying to learning a lot and am ready for my edu classes next week. Please keep sharing anything you find helpful. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

it’s common for some people, to start making insulin again after you go on insulin. the geniuses call it “honeymoon”. for us it means testing more and potentially taking less fast-acting insulin for meals… for some… it could even mean stopping injected insulin for a little while. good luck!

Hey there @Trisha21 ! My name is Gabrielle, i have been diabetic for almost ten years (5 more months) and id be more than happy to answer any questions you may have concerning pumps/CGM’s or anything diabetes related! Honestly, just take it as it comes and don’t get discouraged. It will get better and worse sometimes, i can guarantee it, but it will be ok!

Well honestly, every day will be different, different people will react different ways, and you just have to take it as it comes. I have tried apps before but none have worked so far… let me know if you end up finding one! If you have more questions, just ask or pm me and ill get back asap. :slight_smile: Good luck!