There's yet hope for the TSA

I was going through security at SFO, and I had my pump in (I never remove or declare it) and I've never had it called out. One time while going through I noticed a TSA Agent looking at my cord (which is always poking out of my pocket) but they decided to ignore it (maybe they thought it was headphones, maybe they thought it was insulin pump tubing)

But THIS TIME the metal detector went off as I walked through. The guy started to have me walk through again (and I did, it didn't beep the second time) but he saw my cord. And then he says, "oh, it's probably just your insulin pump". I love that he knew what it was and was all "no biggie" about it.


Love it! Since people always think it's a beeper or mp3 player it was kinda nice to have a bored "whatever" when he saw it.