Thank You!

I just want to say Thank YOU!! I've felt so supported!! when i was diagnosed i felt SO ALONE!! but thanks to this site and JDRF I feel like i have over a billion diabetic friends who i can ask questions  and they understand!


THAANK YOUU!! TIMES x1,000,000 

And we're so glad you found us!  :)

I definately agree with you this site is amazing for resources and for people to talk too! Its been so much easier to cope with things having people to talk to who are going through the exact same thing :)

I am so happy that you guys love juvenation! It is a fantastic resource for all those living with diabetes!

I am going to jump on the thank you ban wagon too. I have never felt judged here even tho I dont do things as others and struggle with things and well doing this on my own with no endo. People have never made me feel stupid (even when I have been) you all are wonderful and supportive. You are all respectful even if you dont agree with each other. You cant find that in most forums and I want ALL of you to know how much I appreciate it.