Teen School Trip to Japan

My T1D daughter is headed to Japan at the end of March for 12 days. Concerned about carb counting while there. Any advice?

hello @CharBaby, I travel a lot for work. Carb counting at restaurants is the hardest thing. Restaurants can pack 100 grams into something that wouldn’t ordinarily have any carbs. It might be a good time to check in with a CDE for some carb estimating strategies (plate method, for example)

the strategy I use is to get into the habit of testing at 2 hours after a meal. If you test at +2 hours, and you took enough insulin, your blood sugar should be no higher then 50mg/dl above your pre meal number. example, you test before a meal=120, then eat, then test 2 hours later and your bs should be about 180. Higher than that means you’ll need to take a walk or more insulin, lower means watch out for a low.

bring lots of extra testing supplies (2x what you really need) and at least a little extra of everything else. Japan is pretty built up so it’s not like she’ll be isolated or in a 3rd world area. hope she has a good trip.

I use the calorie king booklet for carb counting assistance. If your daughter will have internet access (on her phone, perhaps), she could use their website (http://www.calorieking.com). It might not help with every dish, but will at least give her a good starting point for her estimates. Reviewing some of the measurements (what a cup of rice or an ounce of noodles looks like) before leaving might be a good idea, too. For example, I’m pretty sure 1 cup is about the size of a fist.