Take a look at my files

Hey guys,

one of my hobbies is taking pictures, and i've uploaded some of the ones that i've taken onto my files.

if anyone wants to look at them and just get back to me on what you think, it would be greatly appreciated

those pictures were just taken on a walk around the neighborhood, and if you're wondering who the person is that is in a few of them, she is my best friend corinne who likes to take pictures too but i made her be my model :]

Those are great pictures, Jenna! I really like the first one. (=

What kind of camara do you use? I've become really interested in photography in the last year or so, and am looking for a better camara than what I've got right now.

Thank you so much! My camera is actually just a small digital one, but for those pictures i used my parents' camera.

It a canon EOS digital rebel xti (its a long name i know!)