T1D LADA - Trulicity (a non insulin Medication)

Hi I am a new LADA for about a month. My endo wants me to try Trulicity, a Type 2 medication since I still have some insulin myself. Trulicity is not insulin. It is a pen, like an insulin pen; you inject once a week. I have done one. First day was bad because I had hyper/hypo with 3-4 hours. Second day, today, has been good, BG very stable around 150 (average) during day time. I occasionally feel nauseated and with a little bit fast heart rate but for most of the time I have been at peace.

Does anyone use Trulicity as a beginner of T1D/LADA? If you have, could you please share some experience?

Thank you!


My doctor tried me on type 2 medicine (Metformin) and after 10 days, I just went back and asked for insulin. I mean if the endo says you have LADA, then you are not making sufficient insulin on your own. Don’t quite understand, how you have a LADA diagnosis and are not getting insulin prescribed to you?

I know nothing about trulicity. I’m at peace with my Lantus though. I’m also newly diagnosed (February 2017, 61 YO). I haven’t begun mealtime bolus yet. . . I expect the honeymoon will end in the months to come; however.


Hello Gigi
I am a new LADA since March 2017. I have been on six units of Tresiba and a weekly Trulicity shot. I have been able to lower my A1C to 6.2 with no severe lows or highs. Both the Doctors at the Joslin Diabetes Clinic and my local Endocrinologist agree that for new LADA diabetics Trulicity is a great addition to Insulin.
I went to a four day class at Joslin Clinic in Boston, called Just Do It. I highly recommend you look into going there for this amazing class. I felt empowered, and the group of 11 type one adults over 18 all felt that this class was amazing. Some of them have gone more than once for a refresher. They will also help you decide which medications are the best for you.
Hope this helped. It is a lot to learn.
Best wishes