T1 near NW Indiana?

Hey everyone I’m Jacob, 19, from Northwest Indiana. I know this might be kind of a stretch but are there any diabetic friends around here even close to Chicago that would like to chat or grab a bite to eat? Since going to JDRF’s summit I’m learning the value of knowing I’m not the only one with this disease. Thanks!

Hi Jacob @Jacobxrt, welcome to TON hope you get to know more people here and that you get to connect.

To find other PWD [persons with diabetes] near you, I suggest that you click on the “EVENTS” tab at the top of this page, scroll down to near the bottom and enter your ZIP Code in the “JDRF Events Calendar” section and see what you find; I entered my ZIP and find 11 events. I regularly attend the monthly “Cups of hope” monthly meetings.

Thanks for the reply @Dennis but the only thing close to me are the Jdrf support meetings which aren’t till December.

Hello Jacob. I’m a 21 year old female in the Chicago area and I was wondering if you were still interested in making friends near Chicago? :innocent: