Has anyone in here ever been on Symlin while pregnant?  Or TTC while on it?  I just got put on it yesterday by my endo and he said it hasn't been testing on pregnant humans, but it's been shown to create birth defects in rats, but not rabbits, so I wanted to know if anyone here had been on it and what your experience was.

I have been on Symlin for years but my high risk doctor told me to wait until I wasn't pregnant to I have been off of it my entire pregnancy.  I concieved while on it but as soon as the test came back positive I did not take it.  I have heard of one woman whose doctor put her on it later in her pregnancy because of the insulin resistance.  

Symlin is not recommended in pregnancy due to unknown risk of birth defects. There were no animal studies as of 3 years ago and I'd be surprised if there were any present. The only studies of which I'm aware were done in cell culture and demonstrated that it does not cross the placenta. However, I have known no physicians who are willing to endorse it during pregnancy at this point.

That being said, during the 3rd trimester of my last pregnancy I developed significant insulin resistance. For this reason, given that embryogenesis was complete, I used Symlin  at that time without any known adverse effects.

Again, it is unlikely that any physician will be willing to prescribe it during pregnancy. Unless you have great difficulty maintaining control, its not worth it.

Hope that helps!