Summer holidays

summer holidays have started so im not very active. ever since the last day of school(i did nothing but sit around playing monopoly because we had nothing to do), ive had very high high blood sugars. for example, i go to bed wwith a blood sugar that should be heading down towards normal but when i wake up its 5 mmols higher than at bedtime. its only the 4th day of summer holidays and the 5th day of high blood sugars but its already affecting my energy and stuff. ive tried doing a little bit of excercising but nothing that will lower my blood sugar much. even the correction boluses dont work. ill give a correction bolus and check a while later and find that it has gone down and decide to eat and then it will go up and not come down, even with whatever correction i gave with my meal.

If you know you are going to be sitting around more, maybe try increasing your basal?  You are on a pump now right?  That makes it easy to increase the basal then decrease it if you end up doing something active!