Son with T1D for 31 years and new symptoms to deal with

My son was diagnosed with T1D when he was 4. He’s now 35 and although most his life his diabetes has been under control, he now has additional symptoms to deal with. He has pain in his arms/wrists and has to wear braces on his wrists to sleep. He was diagnosed with diabetic carpal tunnel. He also has the pins and needles (as he describes it) in his feet. He use to jog and was in very good shape. He has not jogged for 2 years and has gained weight.

His attitude has changed and we have had conversations about his future. He believes that his life is limited and will not live past 55 years old. Something every mother wants to hear.

Is there anyone out there who is dealing with this also and can offer some advise? He’s dead-set on his beliefs and really does not want me to offer any advise; just listen to him vent.

Thanks for any feedback that would be helpful.


Hi @Sharon,
I was diagnosed with diabetes on my 16th birthday when YOU were three years old - so tell your son that he CAN live beyond age 55 if he makes up his mind to pay attention to what his body is saying. Ge should remain active - push himself and don’t let up. I worked full time, sometimes multiple jobs, for over 50 years and didn’t retire until the first day of my 70th year; since then many volunteer activities and think nothing of biking 2o miles along the coast.

What is bothering his arms and wrists is anatomic neuropathy and it also affects people who do not have diabetes - think carpal tunnel syndrome - I have that but I don’t let stop me from picking up a hammer and roof a house or drive spikes. I’ve found that one of the best treatments for peripheral neuropathy - burning and tingling feet - is walking, or jogging which may help his weight management. One need not gain weight just because she has diabetes; I weigh the same, or a few pounds less, than I did at age 16 and I eat an average of 225 grams of carbs per day. For him, it could be mind over matter or the result of being coddled and protected for too long; don’t let him feel sorry for himself just because he has diabetes.

Tough love? YES! But if he doesn’t get a hold of himself - set some simple goals to start, and decide that he wants to be something he will find more problems coming his way. My short-term goal s to have the engraved 75 year T1 medal hung about my neck on my 91st birthday.

Thank you Dennis for your encouraging words.