Some Good News Finally

Well it's been a rough few months for me.  I was diagnosed with Epilepsy in December and I've been out of work since then.  The first medicine they put me on wasn't controlling my seizures and was giving me some really horrible side effects.  So they switched me to this new medicine which is controlling my seizures better but is messing with my blood sugars a bit.  But I've been messing with the settings in my pump and I seemed to have been able to get them under control now.  But last week me and the hubby went to the Endo and I got my A1C results.  My A1C was 5.4%!!!! I really really needed that.  It's been really tough these past few months and I was getting really really down and I really needed something positive to bring me up and keep me going.  Just wanted to share.  Even though times are hard for all of us and its really really hard to do at times you have to try to stay positive and know that there are people out there to help and support you.

glad to hear everything is better!!

nice work, amy! that's great news. sorry to hear things haven't been going well for you. hopefully this is the first step in the right direction :D

Amy, your attitude is wonderful! That is also a great A1c, I am jealous. Lol