Is it just me but when I do softball practice or games I have to check my blood surgar before I start, sometimes during, and after.



I'm not sure what you are asking, but you need to check before, multiple times during, and after any practice, game, or activity where your blood sugar needs to remain in a good range so you can perform at your best.

that seems "par for the course".  But are you checking to be proactive or are you not "feeling right"?


hi my name is Skye I am 8.I know how you feel.

Hi my name is Skye and you are right.

Are you talking to me skye

Is there anyone talking right no

When I play we play double headers so its just like i have to check non stop plus we play dueing the summe rfor high school in iowa. So I check before and every inning beforen i go pitch and after. I always have gatorade an something to get me up on the bench just in case.


hi it is me skye i don't know if you remember me but we friends

your definitely not the only onee, a lot of people do that. i play a lot of sports like hockey, baseball, soccer and i check before, during and after, because i dont know how my body is going to react to my adrenaline/ stress levels. every game is different, so its better to check:)