Snow Day Today!

So, I live near Buffalo, NY, and we got almost a foot of snow last night, so they canceled school today, all over the area. 

So this got me thinking, if you sleep in unexpectedly, like I did today, an extra 3 hours, is your blood sugar still pretty stable, or does it drop, or go higher?

When I was on MDI, I would always go low if I tried to sleep in.  When I started the pump, I would go high if I missed breakfast, but I now have that worked out, and today, was pretty good, 136, when I woke up.

How about you?

Snow day??? What the heck is a snow day, just kidding. I've lived in southern California most of my life, so snow was something you drove too and played in.  If I over sleep or under my bs is pretty stable. MDI for me.

I have off for snow today too! Im from new jersey. I have the Animas pump, and if i miss breakfast i usually go low later on in the day, but not if i over sleep. I feel kinda stupid asking this, cuz i should probably know, but what is MDI? I've only had diabetes for 11 months, so I'm relatively new.

MDI: Multiple Daily Injections. There are no stupid questions.

When I lived in GA it only took a couple inches of snow to shut down school, but that was rare. Here in FL people freak out when the temp goes below 40 or 50 degrees, which has happened a lot this winter.

I live in upstate NY and we have over 2 feet of snow, I've had 3 snow days and i'm in college, it's very weird !! 5 day weekend for me tho, whoo hoo ! =]

I also have a snow day today. We have already missed over 2 weeks of school in Feb. Make up days, ugh !! Not looking forward to those ; )

We have had ridiculous amounts (45.6 inches) of snow in the past 3 weeks or so in SW Pennsylvania. We have passed the record of the most snow in a month EVER in Pa, the old record was 40.2 inches. 



The people of Baltimore laugh at your paltry 1 foot of snow :P

Stupid 50-60 inches so far.

But no, number when I sleep in is usually pretty good :)

I have a standard basal pattern for school days, when I eat breakfast at 6:15, and then a pattern A for weekends/days off when I eat breakfast at 8 or 9. The night before a day off I set my basal on Pattern A, and it's set to give me less insulin from 1 to 8 a.m. so that I am not dropping too low while I sleep in. It works great! Even if I anticipate a snow day, I just put it on pattern A the night before, because I figure it's better to be a little higher at bfast if we do have school, rather than go low if I sleep in because it is a snow day.

Yeah for snow day's all around. I usually have the basal for my pump timed pretty well, even if I sleep in my numbers tend to be okay. I will periodically go slightly higher, but not all that often. That is the joy of having the insulin pump. The basal pattern is there to keep you from going to high. If you ever worry though about this. When you wake in the morning and here those magic words of "SNOW DAY" just test yourself, see where you are at, and if you are high/low fix and go back to bed.

I was off today as well, got over a foot. Drove home to my rent's house, they have over two feet from yesterday's storm! It was nice. And my being the good son, started to help my dad shovel. After that, i ate lunch and promptly fell asleep on the couch for 4 hours! YEAH NAP!

i haven't had a snow day in 9 years (junior year in HS).  we've had pretty similar snow to Pat, but not all at once. over a 2-3 month period. iowa is used to snow.

my blood sugars are pretty stable regardless of when i sleep in or get up. i'm in an internship at a hospital right now, so my hours are a bit crazy and irregular. my pump works well on keeping my BGs pretty level.

I'm on MDI and go higher the longer I sleep in. That was one of the reasons I tried a pump, so I'd have more flexibility. So, I was disappointed when I never got it to keep me even when I slept in! Honestly, in college after a late night, I'd figure it was better to sleep in and worry about my 240 later. But, ignore my bad influence, lol.

In DC, we had a whole week off 2 weeks ago, so by the end of the week, my ratios were in perfect "snow day" mode, then I had to readjust once we went back. So worth it!

I am not sure if Riley goes higher or lower. I check her at 6 on weekends if she is a good number I let her sleep if she is close to being low I wake her up and have her eat.

I'm kind of jealous - here in Boston we've had sleet/snow that doesn't accumulate and SO MUCH RAIN since Wednesday.  When I sleep in on the weekends I'm usually lower, but sometimes I will be a similar number to what I would have been had I woken up at 6.