Sick day

I hate being sick for unknown reasons...fever, check!  Swollen lymphnodes in neck, armpits and thighs, check! Sore throat and cough, CHECK!  Nice high blood sugars, CHECK!

Had a 470, small amount of ketones in urine, took a lot of insulin, had soup, took alot more insulin (enough for the soup, after having already corrected) and still in 270s.  Lots of water.  Tylenol is onboard for fever which technically is not a "fever" now because its 100.1 so low-grade.

And now, I wait.  Hope the numbers come down!  I hate these high sugar/fever related hot flashes!


Edited to add, not sure, but perhaps my last infusion site was infected and this could be the cause? The little "button" the set leaves behind is usually skin colored and goes down in a few hours and now it is still pink/agitated looking (just the button area itself, not beyond it) and it is tender to the touch but not hot. Things that make you go hmmm.

and I think these little things always make me look like i have nipples on my stomach. (how embarrassing)

I was totally getting ready to type "looks like a boob" when I read your nipple comment. Then I giggled. Diabetes is funny.

Does the old infusion site feel warm or does it hurt to touch it?  If so you might have an infection and need to get it checked out.  Even if it is infected it's hard to say whether it is related to that or maybe you're just sick.

Ughh that stinks! I hope you are feeling better!  Just keep drinking water, like you are.  And I'm not sure about the infected pump site..I didn't really know if that could cause flulike symptoms, but maybe?