Service Dog Story

Hello all! I’m writing an article about dogs for my journalism class and I was wondering if any of you or anyone you know have a service dog and would be open to telling me your story. Thanks!

We do for our 4 yr old…we would love to

Hi, my daughter has had a service dog now for 7 years. She now lives in New Mexico (I am in California). I would be willing to talk to you about how wonderful it is having one!

That would be great! If you could just message me your story on here that would help a lot. Thank you!

That would be great! If you could just message me your story on here that would help a lot. Thanks!

I would love to …might be next week…im on vacation and will be back on wed next week…hope thats not too late

I’ll check with my teacher and see if I can get an extension on the article and keep you updated. Enjoy your vacation!

We are Zack and Renee Scott. We live in Medicine Bow, Wyoming. Our son Liam was diagnosed with T1D at 14 months of age. He is now 4…soon to be 5. At 14 months he was losing weight , drinking a large amount of water very quickly…was always very tired…the day we took him in…his skin was turning light blue .which signifies rapid weight loss.

Liam uses the minimed medtronic pump. We talked about getting a service dog for a year or so. They are very expensive and insurance wont help. We finally found a way to help . We got the school involved and everyone had helped us raise

Money… we opened up a small ice cream shop. The people in our area were so generous a helped so much. We did some other fundraisers as well but finally were able to get the service dog.

We used a company called Heads Up Hounds out of Louisville, Nebraska.

Allie alerts us when Liam’s blood sugar is moving rapidly…up or down…she usu barks and comes to us amd bumps our hand with her nose…we have a bell she also rings on a few occasions. Allie has done very well…she typically catches him before going too low or too high…she has sensed his blood sugar when he was on a different floor in the house and also when he’s outside with a window open. Liam will start school this fall and Allie will be going as well .

Please tell me if you want more…or if there is specific things you want me to include…thank you

Renee Scott

How do you get a service dog? Is it expensive?

This is from quite a while ago, so I am unsure if you’re still wondering.

It depends on where you live. My state has one person who supposedly trains diabetic alert dogs. I say ‘supposedly’ because she will not consider training any dogs except her own, wether they have the perfect temperament or not. Her dogs alone are $20,000!

There are some non-profits out there who genuinely provide excellent DADs for little to no cost. Just make sure to do plenty of research! Some have reported paying hefty prices and receiving a young dog not even half trained.

I’m in the process of training my own pup at home. He’s an excellent learner, and has an amazing temperament! It’s going to be a long and challenging road, but I’m willing to try!

There’s no particular story but the fact that a service dog and emotional support dog got basically the same privileges. It turns out that if you’re diagnosed with depression or ED or another minor thing you can get a pass for your dog to any flight you want. Here’s the guide thedogtor.