See my Pump is a great simple one

Yes, I finally put a design together and made it. It works just like any other pump accuracy but it is affordable and customized per each user . Check my web site

I assume this is some kind of school project? Keep in mind that in your project you will need to address how to get the insurance companies on board, since it is critical to have insurance coverage for the pump and all the supplies.


It is real pump watch the video on my page you will see it is all professional pump. Actually the infusion set and cartridge is FDA approved. I am a Professional Engineer and make great products only. Let me know any questions you might have after reading my page



A really miniscule screen - not really good for persons who have diabetes. You say it is “good for bolus” and something about basal coming. Babal is more important for anyone with T1D.

Yes, a pretty web page, but …

I really do not see how this is different than any other pump…

Actually the resolution is very high you see the command center pictures is exactly looks like from one feet away. This is pixel LCD so much more visibility than any other pump in market place

It cost $1500 dollars not $5000 dollars so it is for people who don’t have insurance and tire of visiting hospital twice a week!.

So this pump uses Minimed Mio infusion sets and the Animas reservoir? That is what is shown in the photos on your site. But the pump is not FDA approved? You realize the pump is only part of the cost, right? The infusion sets and reservoirs still cost hundreds of dollars per month without insurance. This does not sound legitimate to me.


Yes, the cartridge and infusion set cost additional as you mention. I am not deceiving anyone my pump is far less than $5000 dollars insurance pay for other pump. I think other pump in market are way too bloated with functionality and cascaded menu that is difficult to use( it is like how many App is on your cell phone you never use anyway). IF you are using pump you have to buy insulin too, which is expensive not cheap either. This pump is for animal application and not FDA approved for human use. What you do with it is beyond my control?. Can you say $1500 then count to $5000 perhaps?.


Well it is different because it is not an approved product for sale in the US. And in other DOC arenas it is being marketed for dogs and the seller has been kindly removed for selling prescription medical devices in forums.