School Project

Hey everyone i have been assigned a special project for school about my diabetes. I was hoping to get some responses on my post about some of your own experiences with anything relating to diabetes your diagnosis funny stories anything would love any feedback for my school project :blush:

Hi Ilsa. I am Mom to a 14 year old with T1. She was diagnosed when she was 11. There have been some lighter moments - if you want and have time, I have written about some of the experiences in a blog. You can find it at I hope your project goes well.

I’m not sure what you’re looking for but here’s a funny story for you:
I started using an insulin pump over 15 years ago. After using it at home with saline for a week or so before I “went live,” I went to the hospital to be set up - the doctor told me and his other patient that we could expect to be there two or three days for safety sake, while they adjusted our settings. (I don’t know if that’s how they do it now, but it was then.) I and the other patient were able to wander around - we certainly weren’t bed-bound - so I was on the elevator heading somewhere, surrounded by a bunch of doctors. All of a sudden a beep-beep-beep went off. All of the doctors pulled out their pagers. I pulled out my pump.
And speaking of pagers - this will give you an idea of how old I am. Once I got my pump I wore it on a belt clip. It does look something like a pager, and occasionally a guy would walk up to me and all for my pager number. I would reply “I don’t have a pager” and I remember one guy got an attitude and said “Well what’s that then?” - he clearly didn’t believe me. He may have walked off in a huff before I could explain what it was, but it’s probably just as well.
Much success with your project!

What’s your report on specifically?

Diabetes and how it can effect a human being.