My 10 year old daughter scars easily.  She's got tons of tiny scars left behind from her pump and CGM sites.  I'm very worried as she gets a little older she will become self conscious about it.

Anyone have any ideas on how to minimize scarring?

Have you tried any of the over the counter creams used for scarring/ stretch marks.  Ponds make a good one and there are a few really good ones (one starts with an M, but for the life of me I cant remember the name.)  

It’s called Mederma, it’s pricy but worlds great!

Sry the correct spelling is Merderma. Hope it works for you!

Surface scars will be reduced with the Mederma but scar tissue will not. She may have bouts of self consciousness but hopefully will realize that in the big picture it could be way worse. I have scar tissue all over from 28 years of injections and pump sites but it doesn't bother me because no one knows its there but me. People live with burns all over their bodies, survive car accidents with scars and are still beautiful. Maybe help her to see how lucky she is. It always helps me feel better.