Scared To Eat

Nowadays I feel miserable when I try and go get something to eat. I’m struggling with trying to please my elder but it’s literally making me miserable. For two days now I’ve tried to wake up with the ‘perfect number’ only to experience lows. Anyways, I just don’t have a clear idea of what to eat and I’m on the verge of crying. I feel like a horrible diabetic who is out of control when I go and retrieve a cupcake or perhaps a peanut butter jelly sandwich and my number rises despite me taking my insulin. Maybe I’m testing too soon behind eating? I honestly hate the idea of eating anything with carbs and sugar and its made it where my appetite is horrid. The idea of eating ANY type of substance that is food is sickening to the stomach because I already assume before hand that the item I’m about to eat WILL elevate my sugar and I’ll wind up back in the hospital again. I feel like a failure and I just really want to cry. I just do. Please help.

I think I know what you are saying - sure, just about anything WE eat will pust our blood sugar up; some foods more than others and certain foods will push us high in a matter of very few minutes.

I know very little about you [I do know you are frightened by this diabetes thing and worry that you will not do the right thing] so I’m just going to talk in general terms. My first advice is relax, yes try to relax, and ‘listen’ to your own body - experiment with different foods and learn what happens after you eat certain things. How soon you test after eating depends on many things - your body metabolism rate, food type, type of insulin, etc.; what advice does your doctor give? Does your doctor have type one diabetes or is all her/his knowledge gained from textbooks? Right now because Humalog insulin has stopped working as quickly as it should in my body I wait at least 2 to 3 hours after eating - and then rarely take a correction dose unless I am VERY high.

What should you eat? I eat almost every food - the key is a balanced, healthy diet that gives you plenty of energy, helps you maintain an ideal weight and if you are still in a “growing phase age”, enough food to make certain your body matures properly - speak with a dietitian. The other thing is have a balanced life with appropriate activity, good sleep and healthy meals - and DON’T forget to have fun and enjoy friends and family. I count carbohydrates and eat more than 200 grams of carbs each day, eat protein and not much fat, lead an active lifestyly with walking and biking and get about 8 hours sleep. Insulin levels are different for each of us, but my total daily insulin is only about 21 0r 22 units per day.

Be good to yourself and let’s see a little smile :slight_smile: